Overcoming the mistakes of the past

I’ve made several mistakes in my life, mistakes for which I’ve paid – and will continue to pay, it seems. And while I deeply regret those mistakes, especially for the impacts they’ve had on others, they’ve also taught me invaluable lessons and fundamentally changed the course of my life.

Twenty years ago I was a selfish person, focused on the pursuit of wealth. I made mistakes and found myself in desperate circumstances, which led to more mistakes. I’m not making excuses, I alone made the decisions I made and I’m sure others have found themselves in similar desperate circumstances and faced them with more poise than I did. But from those mistakes I grew. I learned.

I have spent my life since that time working to overcome those mistakes and become a better person – for myself, for my family, and for my community. I still don’t always make the best decisions, but every day I take another step toward being a better person than I was yesterday.

I’m not going to get down into the mud regarding the article recently published by my former employer, but I do wonder about the motivation behind dredging up 20-year-old history in order to besmirch a former employee. I will say that despite this latest salvo in a year-long campaign of harassment I’ve endured from them following my resignation, since coming to Libby I have been – and continue to be – dedicated to the advancement of this community. I believe that we live in a world where people can, with hard work and effort, move beyond the mistakes of their pasts.

During my time here, especially this past year, I have had the privilege of meeting and working alongside some of the most dedicated and community-minded people I’ve ever met. I want to extend my most sincere apologies to any of those people who may have been hurt by this situation. I’d also like to extend my deepest appreciation to those who’ve stood by me during this time, those who believe that people can overcome the mistakes of their past and become better human beings.


Bob Henline,