War and Apathy in America

For over five decades, Americans have been subject to our governments so called “war on drugs” and more recently in the 21st century, the infamous, “war on terror” where even normal law-abiding Americans may fall into political dis-sidence, thus, the potential terrorist label. Both of these so-called wars have birthed new social and political trends that have worked to disunite people and destroy once stable communities. Those effects are currently visible even in our own rural county.

In the name of these government instigated struggles, apathetic Americans have acquiesced to countless attacks on their God-given and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Warrantless searches, wire tapping and the constant sur-veillance scheme that is growing daily are among the fruitions of these security actions. None of these exercises has even slowed the illegal drug proliferation, stopped any terror attack and have in fact increased violence, murder, internal corruption and general crime. I would mention the First, Forth and Fifth Amendments to our Supreme Law, but who cares about that today?

What we all need to understand is that in our apathy we have chosen to ig-nore the indicators and truths that reveal the declining disposition in our nation and hide from our sight, the real perpetrators of these so-called wars. Once we understand the reality of the conditions, the true intents of these “fake wars” will come to light quickly.

Is there a war on drugs or a war on terror? The facts preclude that the war is on people as we are subject to fabricated social ills that divide us, produce hate and violence. The world is changing around us and the change is not for our good. In our apathy, we are complicit to these effects.
Russell Bolton Is from Addy, WA