Divisional golf tournament

The Montana High School Western A Divisional Golf Tournament was held at Cabinet View Golf Club last weekend, Sept. 21 and 22.

Participants from all over the state included Browning, Butte, Columbia Falls, Corvallis, Dillon, Frenchtown, Hamilton, Libby, Polson,  Ronan, Stevensville, and Whitefish participated.

For girls,  Whitefish took first place with a combined total of 395. Corvallis took second, followed by Polson and then Hamilton. Libby’s total was 440 with Sammee Bradeen taking 8th with a 98.

For boys,  Hamilton took first place with a combined total of 322 followed by Stevensville, Polson and then Frenchtown. Libby’s Ryggs Johnston took first place individually shooting a 65.

Tournament results and photo of Libby Logger high school golf team courtesy of coach Dann Rohrer.