June 23


930: World’s oldest parliament,
the Icelandic Parliament, the Alþingi (anglicised as Althing or Althingi),

1784: 1st US balloon flight (13 year
old Edward Warren).

1860: US Congress establishes
Government Printing Office.

1925: Landslides create 3-mile long “Slide Lake” (Gros Ventre Wyoming).

1979: Charlie Daniels Band releases “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”


June 24


451: 10th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet.

1322: Jews are expelled from France for 3rd time.

1664: Colony of New Jersey founded when Duke of York grants Lord Berkeley. and Sir George Carteret ownership of land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers.

1947: Flying saucers sighted over Mount Rainier by pilot Ken Arnold.






June 25


253: St Lucius I begins his reign as Catholic Pope.

1630: Fork introduced to American
dining by Governor Winthrop.

1867: 1st barbed wire patented by Lucien B. Smith of Ohio.

1938: US federal minimum wage law guarantees workers 25 cents per hour (rising to 40 cents by 1945) and a
maximum 44 hour working week.


June 26


1498: Toothbrush invented in China using boar bristles.

1797: Charles Newbold patents 1st
cast-iron plow, though farmers fear
effects of iron on soil.

1927: The Cyclone roller coaster
opens on Coney Island.

1978: First dedicated oceanographic satellite, SEASAT 1, launched.


June 27


1652: New Amsterdam
(now New York City) enacts first
speed limit law in North America.

1847: New York & Boston linked
by telegraph wires.

1950: US sends 35 military advisers to South Vietnam.

1986: World Court rules US aid to
Nicaraguan contras illegal.

1992: Daryl Gates retires as LA police chief.


June 28


1748: Riot after public execution in
Amsterdam, 200+ killed.

1859: 1st dog show held, in Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

1940: “Quiz Kids?” premieres on radio.

1969: Police carry out an early
morning raid on gay bar Stonewall Inn, Greenwich Village, NY; about 400 to 1,000 patrons riot against police, it lasts 3 days.
Beginning of the modern LGBT rights movement.


June 29


512: A solar eclipse is recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland.

1863: Confederate General Robert
Lee orders his forces to concentrate near
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

1931: Temperatures reach 109°F (43°C) in Monticello, Florida (a state record).

1979: San Diego Chicken reborn at Jack Murphy Stadium.

2012: 15,000 Japanese anti-nuclear protesters blockade the Japanese Prime Minister’s office in Tokyo.

Snowstorm Mine—Troy, Montana

The Snowstorm
Lead Mine is near Troy, Montana.

Historically the site has been associated with the Troy Mining District which is now part of the Kootenai National Forest.

The site was first
discovered in 1911.

The Snowstorm Lead Mine was closed at the time of data entry with no known plans to re-open.

Mine operations
consisted of underground workings. There is one known shaft. Subsurface depth reaches a maximum of 300 meters (984 feet) and extends 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) in length.

Ore mined was
composed of pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and pyrite with waste material
consisting primarily of biotite, quartz and calcite.

The ore body extends 3.00 meters (9.84 feet) in width.

Associated rock in this area is quartz monzonite from the Pliocene epoch 5.33 to 2.58 million years ago.

The Northern Rocky Mountains physiographic province of the Rocky Mountain System
characterize the
geomorphology of the surrounding area.


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