ER awarded for safety

By Breeanna Runyan


On November 29, 2018 a banquet was held at the Shed Restaurant here in Libby to present an award representing 1 million hours of safety and for no lost time injuries to the Environmental Restoration LLC and crew.

This is no little feat during an interview with The Montanian, Charles Runyan had this to say,

“As a employee of ER with 10 years of experience, I have learned and witnessed a lot of changes and improvements of many of the different phases and challenges we faced on the Superfund project. The goal is too return home safe to your family every day. The safety meetings and warm up exercises we preformed daily helped keep us limbered up and focused on our daily tasks. The cross training in different jobs gave us as employees the knowledge and ability too accomplish the often complicated tasks before us, in a safe and efficient manner. I think it is an honor too receive this award for safety.”

Many of our family and friends have worked for ER to make our homes and yards safe during the many years of the Superfund being active, cleaning up our community from asbestos.

In attendance of the banquet were Mike Cirian of the EPA, representatives of the US Army Corp of Engineers and the local Environmental Restoration crew. A big thank you to our guys and gals who work here locally and received this award proving that the people of Lincoln County can do a job to completion, do it right, and do it safely.

The members of ER staff and work crew at the Shed. Photo by Breeanna Runyan, The Montanian.