New signs welcome visitors to Troy

After more than a year of wrestling with state officials, City of Troy crews were finally able to install new signs along U.S. Highway 2 welcoming visitors to Troy.

Troy Mayor Darren Coldwell said the idea for the signs came to him from JoAnne Hadler. Hadler, he said, had mentioned that every little town along the highways all across the United States had signs welcoming visitors to their town. Troy, she told him, needed some as well.

Coldwell embraced the idea and began working to bring it to fruition. The slogan on the signs, “where Montana begins,” was his idea. The city wanted a slogan that was distinctly Troy.

He enlisted local artist and builder Steve Simonson to construct the signs, which were paid for by a generous local donation.

“The funds for the signs were from a very generous donation locally,” Coldwell said. “The couple who donated to make the signs  possible would like to remain anonymous. The same individuals also provided the funding for the new toddler swing set at the Roosevelt Park.”

Coldwell said the local highway crew and their regional office in Kalispell approved the signs, but the permit was held up by the state office in Helena.

Once the permit was issued, the signs were installed by the city crew.