School threats last week in Libby

By Riley McNew,

age 10


At Libby High School, in the boy’s bathroom, there was a threat written. It was for violence on Wednesday, Oct. 13. We learned this from the teachers last Monday.

At Libby Elementary, in the girl’s bathroom, there was also a kind of threat. Someone kept writing on the girls bathroom stalls, and the janitor had to paint over it, the Principal said.

I saw it with my friend when we went to the bathroom on Tuesday, it said “hi, hi friend, hi, hi, killer.” The teachers made us go to the bathroom in pairs. The principal was very mad, and all of the 4th and 5th grade girls were gathered up so the principal could talk to us.

I think it was just kids messing around since nothing happened, but it was still a little scary. I stayed home on Wednesday because my parents couldn’t go to the meeting Tuesday night and they were nervous.

Some parents heard about the high school threat on Facebook on Sunday, so they were confused. Lots of parents pulled their kids out of school for a little while. In Mrs. Thoeny’s morning class there were only 13 out of 23 of us last Monday.

The school announced the threat on Monday, and Libby Police said, in a press release, that there was, “no danger to the community and that this was a successful attempt by a small group of students to disrupt the school.”

On Friday, Mr. Barringer told The Montanian that attendance was only about 50% on Tuesday and Wednesday. It was back to 90% on Friday though.

Nothing happened on Wednesday and I don’t think that anyone knows who did it yet, but it’s not fair and I wish kids would be nice. Everyone is supposed to feel safe at school. Making us feel like there could be a shooting isn’t funny.

Mr. Barringer also said that he will meet with police next week and one of the things they will talk about is how to respond better if something like this happens again.

Parents discuss their concerns with school administrators at last week’s parent meeting that was held on Tuesday, Oct. 9. Photo by Moira Blazi, The Montanian.