Siblings, athletes, and leaders


Breeanna Runyan


Brothers JJ and Ryder Davis are a perfect example of how sibling relationships throughout high school should be. In their school activities, they don’t let jealousy or conflict get in the way of their goals. In fact, they encourage each other, wanting to see the best of each other and helping to bring it out.

These brothers are not only an inspiration to each other, they are an inspiration to their fellow student athletes as well.

JJ and Ryder are three years apart in age. JJ is a senior, and Ryder, a freshman. Both boys participate on the Libby Logger Football and Basketball teams. JJ has done a lot for the varsity football team, contributing to the team’s victories during his high school career in Libby.

Even throughout some of the team’s losses, he has kept a positive spirit and never gave up. JJ has paved the way for his aspiring brother Ryder, who has led the JV football team to victory this season and played alongside JJ in varsity.

“My brother has helped me by getting on me when I need to work harder. I wouldn’t be half the person I am today without having JJ by my side,” said Ryder.

JJ’s last high school football season was made much more special and fun by having Ryder play alongside him.

The boys’ mom, Kerry Hayden said, “It’s an honor to be their mom. I’m so proud of the incredible young men they are becoming.”

According to their mom, the boys are very different from each other. “The boys are complete opposites, but so much alike at the same time. Each of their competitive nature is so strong, even between each other.”

This competitive nature doesn’t get between the boys’ relationship though. The brothers have learned how to be competitive with each other, without making it into a conflict.

This relationship drives The Davis brothers to be better, they motivate each other in all they do, cheering each other on throughout all of their accomplishments, as all siblings should do.

Brothers, freshman JJ Davis and senior Ryder Davis pose together . Photo courtesy of Breanna Runyan.