Smith appointed to city council

Local business owner Kristin Smith is the newest member of the Libby City Council. The council voted 4-1 Wednesday, Sept. 26, to appoint Smith to fill the remainder of the term of Barb Desch, who resigned early last month.

Smith, co-owner of the popular Cabinet Mountain Brewery, said she is looking forward to putting her experience to work helping the city progress. She also heads Libby’s economic development non-profit organization, the Kootenai River Development Council.

“This is a great opportunity for improved communication, processes, and economic development initiatives,” Smith said.

Smith said she is interested in helping the city council move from reacting to leading the way. She also wants to encourage citizen participation in the management of city affairs, but stressed the importance of respectful dialogue with regard to city business.

“We really want people to participate in government,” she said. “But it needs to be respectful. The bullying, slander, and hateful rhetoric needs to stop.”

Smith said she believes change is coming to Libby, and the opportunities that change represents are exciting.

“We’re at a crossroads and it’s an exciting time for those who want to be involved,” she said. “There is still one open seat and we’re looking for other qualified individuals to get involved.”