Snow bank plunge

Rick Klin, takes a plunge into the deep fluffy snow on February 12. Photo by Celestial Smith, The Montanian

By Dawn Manchester


While others are thinking about staying at home by a nice warm fire place, getting ready to go snowmobiling, or skiing in their puffy winter gear, Rick Klin, president of the local Libby Polar Bears only has one thing on his mind.

In the winter time, all Rick wants to do is have a nice swim in the freezing and bone-chilling creek water. Or, when mother nature blesses him with 20 inches of light fluffy snow, as she did on February 12, he likes to take a plunge into the deep snow and burying himself, and enjoying the cold like a true polar bear; hence his nickname, Polar Bear Rick.

Even at the age of 76, he still loves the cold. Despite his knees being shot and dealing with other health problems like Raynaud’s Syndrome, he still finds pleasure in the little things. Like his icy swims and his snow naps that can last up to 30 minutes!

Come join him, Steve Sonyu, and other members of the Libby Polar Bear Club every Sunday at 2 p.m. on the bridge over Libby Creek on Farm-to-Market Road. The club will only run until the first Sunday in April. Hurry to see Polar Bear Rick in action.