TCO Lube & Tire sells, facilitates Town Pump expansion

By McKenzie Williams


On Nov. 6, 2017, election day, a large turnout of Troy voters weighed in on a controversial topic. Possible expansion of the town’s Town Pump convenience store and gas station.

The town spoke, and Town Pump lost the election bid to close Second Street for their expansion project by a narrow margin. Of the 411 votes cast, 207 were against the closing of Second Street and Town Pump expansion, and 204 were in favor.

The topic was much debated both before and after election day. On election day, more than 100 additional voters turned out compared to Troy’s 2015 referendum vote when 301 ballots were cast. After the election, recounts were requested but the result remained unchanged; the expansion project had been stopped.

Now, it seems that Troy’s Town Pump will expand after all, and this time, closure of Second Street will not be part of the plan because neighboring business, TCO Lube and Tire has negotiated the sale of their property to Town Pump.

Spokesman for Town Pump Bill M. McGladdery said, “At this point we are in a purchase sell agreement, we are committed to buy the property.”

The acquisition of this additional property will allow Town Pump to expand in the opposite direction from what was planned previously.

At this point, no details or timelines are available on Town Pump’s website.