UFY’s Aspire to Inspire Youth Leadership Summit planned

By Brian Baxter

As the early morning sun rises over the highest peak in the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness, it radiates light into one of the most beautiful areas in Montana. The Bull River Valley awakens. Far off in the distance a bull and cow moose meander along a wetland edge. They playfully nudge each other occasionally in a loving way. In the waters of the Bull River, a mating pair of dark chocolate colored furred mink pursue fish. In their company, are Belted Kingfishers perched in spruce trees and wading Great Blue Herons amongst the reeds. On the shores of Bull Lake, a family of otters playfully roll, and then slide into the waters displacing diving, shoveling, and paddling ducks. When the rays of the sun enlighten their environs, all wildlife seem warm, playful, and happy.

Students given the opportunity to experience Camp Elohim can look forward to experiencing the serene nature of the Bull River Valley this summer, and so much more.

Lincoln County Unite for Youth is a Drug-free communities, non-profit community coalition composed of individuals, agencies, and organizations representing twelve sectors of the Lincoln County Community. These groups work collaboratively to more efficiently achieve a common goal to establish, support, and strengthen community partnerships focused on creating community conditions that enhance protective factors shown to reduce the number of troubled teens and prevent youth substance abuse.

Planning and coordination is now underway for the Third Annual Aspire to Inspire Youth Leadership Summit, taking place from Thursday, June 13 through Saturday, June 15 at Camp Elohim located at 12395 Bull Lake Road (Hwy 56). UFY’s Aspire to Inspire Youth Leadership Summit provides a safe and healthy environment where youth in grades seven through twelve are challenged by skilled national youth empowerment trainers to step up as leaders and learn about themselves and others as they grow the skills and abilities they will need to make a positive impact not only in their own life, but also in their home, at school, and in their community.

In many instances, young people who do not receive good guiding principles become adults without them. Listen to the song Eminence Front by the 1960’s and 70’s band, The Who. In their lyrics, the group repeats the phrase, people forget. Indeed, many adults without good principles forget what other folks have done for them and maintain a false eminence front; they carry an unreal air of a person with high rank or attainment. Of course nobody is perfect, we all know that. But why not teach our young folks to be the best they can be.

There are many reasons why our community can be proud of and support the Unite for Youth 3rd Annual Aspire to Inspire Youth Leadership Summit. The cost is free for Lincoln County youth. The student leadership modules will include a combination of activities such as team development; healthy image training; instruction on maintaining integrity; learning styles; collaboration versus competition; mistakes equals learning; motivation 101; advanced goal setting; and overcoming obstacles.

Each day, students will enjoy two hours of free time at Bull Lake, and may participate in outdoor educational programs, archery, scavenger hunts, ziplining, and evening camp fire gatherings.

This Youth Leadership Summit could not ask for a better setting than Camp Elohim near Bull Lake. For there, they may be enlightened to become better students, leaders, and individuals, and grow to be confident, warm, playful, and happy adults.

Applicants may receive more information by emailing: lincolncountyuniteforyouth@gmail.com, or by calling Maggie at 406-334-3602 or Vel at 406-334-3603.