Young angler breaks Idaho record

Sam Brumbaugh proudly poses with his 38” steelhead trout along with his sister, Jenni who helps hold the tail. Photo courtesy of John Brumbaugh.

By McKenzie Williams


On April 19, Libby Middle High School student, Sam Brumbaugh, age 13, landed a big fish and major bragging rights; his fish set a new state record.

Brumbaugh’s steelhead trout was 38 inches long, enough to break the  Idaho state record. After a quick measurement and photo, Samuel released the fish, but secured the new Idaho catch/release state record. The previous record was a 37 inch fish.

The Steelhead was caught on the South Fork of the Clearwater River near Grangeville, Idaho during a three-day fishing trip with his Dad, and sister Jenni.

“It is really exciting! One of the most exciting moments of my life. Glad my sister Jenni was there to hold the tail, or else I would have dropped the fish and the photo would not have turned out,” Brumbaugh told The Montanian.

During the family’s fishing trip, the young angler landed also landed a number of 30 inch fish.

“When we netted this one on the last day, we knew it would be close to a record. Sam has an eye for big fish. He has been focused on this record for a few years, narrowly missing it a couple of times. He is a fine fisherman and a great partner on the water. Thankful for a wife that supports our fishing pursuits. It can be taxing sometimes,” said John Brumbaugh, Sam’s father.

Congratulations to Sam on his record-breaking catch.