Zada Grace Lines

Lily Depue and James Lines welcomed Zada Grace Lines on
January 16, 2022 at Family Birth Services Birthing Suite. Zada weighed 9 pounds and was 21 inches long at time of birth.
She joined her older sister Paisley.

She was delivered by Joyce Vogel, Midwife of Libby, Mont.

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Information: Finding Spiritual Shelter from Mental Health Struggles

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Charlie Ersland

Shannon and Jurene Strand pray together at their home in Libby, Mont. before considering Bible-based literature focused on mental health. Courtesy of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Public Information.


“I’ve grown up having some very difficult mental health struggles, some very deep depression, very bad anxiety,” said Jurene Strand, Libby resident.

Such mental and emotional distress affects millions. A recent government survey showed the number of Americans reporting anxiety or depressive disorder symptoms has doubled since 2019.

Jurene’s parents, David and Shannon Strand, described how the suffering of one family member affects them all. Each day brings uncertainty and new challenges.

“It’s something that you don’t ever know one day to the next what you’re going to face,” Shannon said.

Jurene has experienced severe mental health struggles since childhood and knows that these challenges will not just disappear. That is why she appreciates the aid of doctors and counselors who have helped her navigate through her mental health challenges over the years.

In addition, she is certain that nurturing her spiritual health is essential to fighting negative feelings and maintaining a positive attitude. The Strand family are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Their faith and Bible-based hope, along with the support of their congregation, have bolstered their spirits and helped them all to maintain joy. Meeting with fellow believers, as well as helping others by sharing their faith, has been vital for the well-being of Jurene and the whole family.

Jurene said, “Being able to teach other people about what has brought me so much joy and happiness and got me through my struggles, or is helping me get through my struggles, is something that brings me a lot of personal joy.”

Through their study of the Bible, the Strands are confident in its promise of a future free of mental health issues. The shared faith and support of a congregation have helped many turn the corner in their recovery.

“While the Bible does not indicate that spirituality cures medical problems, many have derived comfort and strength from what the Bible teaches and the practical guidance it provides,” said Robert Hendriks, U.S. spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Hope, support and positive coping skills aid mental health—whether these are built up by professional or faith-based sources, noted Lawrence Onoda, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist based in Mission Hills, California. Even those with serious mental health conditions may find some aspects of religious participation help them cope with their symptoms, he said.

Jurene expressed, “It doesn’t matter how much depression beats me down or anxiety beats me down. Whatever is thrown at me, as long as I have my family and I have Jehovah God, I can fight anything. That’s what gets me through and brings me joy.”

More information on the activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses, including resources for coping with mental illness and emotional distress, can be found on their official website,