Schoolhouse lock doesn’t rock

By Riley McNew

Everyone is having a hard time during the Coronavirus, but we are doing an amazing job of staying at home and keeping everyone safe. It is pretty scary with all that is going on, but we are all sticking together and that helps. Don’t worry, we’re only sticking together metaphorically.

Almost every student in the Untied States is doing school online because of COVID-19. Teachers and students in Montana learned on March 15 that schools were closing. It was sad but we had hope because the governor might let us go back to school. It was a roller coaster, waiting to find out if we would go back to school or not. Now we are home for the rest of the school year and students will be getting out of homeschool on June 5. It is June 4 though, for my grade: sixth grade.

It has been weird doing online school, but we are all doing it together. Many of us have had to learn to be more independent and self-motivated. It has also helped me to manage my time better, but I still have to work on it. My parents don’t like me doing homework at midnight. I am proud of how our community is standing together against COVID-19, with six feet of separation of course. I am glad and sad at the same time because schools are closed. It is important to keep everyone safe, but I miss my friends alot. There was supposed to be a sixth-grade celebration but instead our class will be “cruising the gut” on June 4. Don’t worry, our parents will be driving.

Mr. Gallagher, a sixth-grade teacher, said “I wish this class well in their future endeavors and the best in everything they do.” We will not be able to say goodbye to our teachers or other classmates as usual, but we are all supporting each other virtually through Zoom meetings and with other events whenever possible. I was really looking forward to the end of the school year with medieval days, games, a tour of the high school and our first school dance, but we’ve all had to make sacrifices during this time. For those who are missing their teachers, Libby Elementary is hosting a farewell drive through event on Wednesday, June 3 from 4 until 6 p.m. at the school.

For seniors, it has probably been even harder but thankfully, they will still get to experience graduation. They are having a graduation ceremony on the football field on Saturday, May 30 and they will cruise the gut afterwards. A graduating senior told The Montanian, “I am very excited for graduation. I wish things were different, but I’m trying to make the most of it.”

I wish all the seniors well and hope to see everyone else at school in the fall. Have a fun and safe summer everyone.

Percy the Dog recovering,
abuser still at-large

Happy Percy shows his smile. Photo courtesy of Pet Connection Rescue and Sanctuary

By Mati Bishop


Against all odds Percy the dog is taking full advantage of his second chance at life in his new home in Canada. Few would have guessed that he would make a full recovery after he was found burned, starved and beaten at the corner of Callahan and 6th in Troy on March 9th. Despite a reward offered and efforts throughout the Troy community, his abuser has not been found.

A $3,100 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who abused Percy. If you have information about the abuser, please contact the Troy Police Department at (406) 295-4111.

Pet Connection Rescue and Sanctuary are planning an awareness walk for Percy in Troy on May 27. Walkers plan to move through the city with pictures and signs about Percy’s abuse to help raise awareness with the hope of finding someone who will report information about Percy’s abuser to the police. Information about the walk is available at facebook.com/nutsforpets.

Percy is on his road to a full recovery and his new owners are working with him on obedience and other training. Percy has a brother who it is feared faced similar abuse and according to the Pet Connection Rescue and Sanctuary Facebook page was “given away” on April 24. They are looking for information about his whereabouts as well.

The Pet Connection Rescue and Sanctuary is a non-profit based in Libby whose mission is to rescue dogs from kill shelters and other situations and find their forever homes. They are foster based and not open to the public.   Updates about Percy and information about other pets that they are fostering for adoption are available on their Facebook page.