FVCC offers winter/spring continuing education classes

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Jill Seigmund


Flathead Valley Community College’s Continuing Education Center is now accepting registrations for its winter and spring lineup of non-credit classes and workshops. The complete schedule is available on FVCC’s web site at

In addition to community favorites, the Center is offering new classes in gardening, culinary arts, outdoor recreation, language, small business management, nonprofit development and other subjects.

Kid’s College classes are available for students in grades one through eight during Kalispell Public Schools’ spring break, March 23-27.

Duration of classes ranges from one to multiple sessions, and fees vary accordingly. All classes are taught by local and regional experts on the featured topics. Because space is limited and many classes fill quickly, early registration is encouraged.

FVCC’s Continuing Education Center also offers customized training for businesses, industry certifications, computer workshops, online classes, conference support and other services.

To view the complete schedule, register for classes or obtain more information, visit, or contact the Center at 756-3832 or for assistance.

Troy City Council; planning board volunteers named 

By Brian Baxter


The Troy City Council met on Wednesday, Jan. 15, and after the Pledge of Allegiance, Crystal Denton was sworn in as a third term council member. Denton also accepted nomination by the council for President of the Council, and that government body approved her appointment.

The Troy City Council is composed of four City Councilors and the Mayor. Each member serves a four year term of office with the terms staggered. The main responsibility of the council lies in its legislative activities enacting ordinances, establishing policy and levels of service, adopting the budget, setting service fees and appropriating money to fund the city’s programs and services.

The mayor presides at all council meetings and is not a voting member. The Council convenes for public meetings on the third Wednesday of each month. Meetings start at 7 p.m. at the City Hall Courtroom. To place an item on the Council’s agenda, contact City Clerk Tracy Rebo at 295-4151, email, or send mail to PO Box 823, Troy, MT.59935.

New business opened with owner Michael Lee of Michaels Automotive – Auto Repair located at 207 N. 12 Street applying for a new business license. Lee is an experienced auto mechanic and works on both old automobiles and new ones. The Council approved his application. Next, David Emerson, owner of the Club Bar located at 208 E. Yaak Ave. petitioned the council for a new business license. Emerson is now retired but he stated that he may be able to get a beer and wine license, and maybe a liquor license sometime in the near future. The council also approved his request.

The council then approved both the minutes of the council work meeting of Dec. 11, 2019 and the minutes of the regular council meeting of Dec. 18, 2019.

Next, discussion turned toward consideration of a host agreement for Experience Works. This group is a hiring agency that employs folks over age 55 to work on and with city projects on a part-time basis when there is a need for such employees. Mayor Carr mentioned that this seemed to be a good program led by Gary Callahan, and the motion to accept was made, with the council unanimously approving. The conclusion of new business topics wrapped up with the council approving Resolution No. 2020-773 to adopt the 2018 International Building codes  in relation to Pools and Spas.

On the matter of old business, first reading of Ordinance No. 2020-774 – Establishment of a Planning Board, they were  pleased to announce the names of seven individuals who were willing to serve on the board. The names included Shawna Kelsey, Kate Arpin, Lynn Ward, Bruce Clark, Doug Killingsworth, Don Myers, and Penny Robins.

Mayor Carr started off the discussion of Department Reports commenting that maintenance of the cemetery was going well, with recent work on insulating the outbuildings and installation of outside lights being completed. Dave Norman and the city crews of the Public Works Department have been busy replacing water mains on the highway bridge, plowing snow, repairing and replacing water meters, and helping Clint Taylor’s crews take down numerous Christmas decorations. In addition to removing Christmas decorations, Taylor and his power management team have kept busy with addressing  trees down on power lines, snowplowing, repairing numerous outages, tree trimming and removal to prevent mishaps, checking the museum camera systems, and conducting winter safety meetings.

On matters not on the agenda, Mayor Carr thanked Councilman Chuck Ekstedt for taking out the hazardous trees near the museum and park. Many of these were over mature Cottonwood trees that tend to rot out and can cause dangerous conditions. Thankfully, Ekstedt is owner and operator of Ekstedt Tree Service, and has the experience and skills to deal with the tricky circumstances of removing these widow-makers and eliminating the danger of limbs or trees falling on people  walking in these areas.

Additionally, Carr thanked the Safe Route for Schools Committee for their time and effort that went into the community work and their recommendations.

Councilwoman Denton gave a brief update on the recent train derailment into the Kootenai River approximately four miles into Idaho. She reported that this will be a time consuming project, and that actions are underway to complete the planning and removal of the wreckage which may entail using huge air bags, and will have to be done in stages.

Councilwoman Kelsey and Councilman Boswell presented their innovative and well thought out plan to apply for grants to assist the City of Troy with building a Troy Cyclist Campground. The proposal mentions building on a 27 acre piece of property in a central location, adjacent to a small museum, visitor’s center, the local Chamber of Commerce, and a large wooded area that is home to an existing disc golf course and nature trail. The council members reported that the project is still in the early stages, and that they would keep the city council informed of their progress and additional planning.

Councilwoman Crystal Denton is sworn in by Mayor Dallas Carr. Photo by Brian Baxter, The Montanian