employment outreach

Applications will be accepted for temporary employment for the 2020 season starting in September.All temporary vacancy announcements will be open September 16 through September 30, 2019. For the Kootenai National Forest the positions will include Aid and Technician positions, GS-1 through GS-7, in Forestry (Timber, Recreation, Trails, Fire (Engine, Handcrew, Helitack/Rappel, Fuels, etc.), Range (Weed Control) and Biology (Wildlife, Plants, Fisheries), Engineering, Laborer, Clerical, Archeology, etc. Other positions may also be available.

At this time, interested applicants are encouraged to set up their profiles and applications at Once announcements become available, interested applicants will need to sign in to the announcement(s) they are interested in and apply. Assure you complete all steps as listed in announcement including all attachments moved into the vacancy announcement from your profile.  Announcements will only be open for a short period of time (15 days) and applicants must specify locations where they are interested in working. For the Kootenai National Forest the locations will be Eureka, Libby, Troy and Trout Creek, MT. Hardcopy applications will not be accepted.

There will be several vacancy announcements to apply to depending on an applicant’s interest and qualifications. When the announcements become available they will be located at Some of the announcements may have limited number of applications that will be accepted.

Additional information, when available, may be found on the forest website at

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temporarily out of service

As of Monday, August 19, Lincoln County Transportation will temporarily be out of service. Due to low funding, the service will no longer be available in Libby and surrounding areas.

Staff is working on a new funding plan and expect to be back in business by mid-October once the plan is worked out.

By Dawn Manchester