Lola’s Oriental Grocery opens in Libby

By Brian Baxter

Rachel & Mary-Ann at the new store. . Photo by Brian Baxter,
The Montanian.



There is a new Oriental food store that has opened up at 513 Mineral Avenue, and it is certainly an authentic establishment. Mary-Ann Murer, is from the Philippines, and when talking with The Montanian, she said, “I’ve always wanted to open a grocery store. Where I come from they call it a Sari Sari store. Small, but plentifully stocked with cooking goods and snacks, ect.”

The store is immaculately clean, organized, and very colorfully decorated. Mary-Ann also said, “It’s something different in our small town of Libby, to bring some other culture here and let people learn how to cook some authentic Oriental food.”

When talking with Mary-Ann and the family, it was an upbeat experience with lots of smiling faces, and good sense of humor. It’s definitely a family affair, and the day we talked, Mary-Ann’s friend Rachael was there and we joked around a lot. Mary-Ann has a daughter named Mara, and she is twelve years old, and in Mary-Ann’s words ” A very thoughtful young lady.” Mrs. Murer’s husband Tony is a Navy Veteran who served in Desert Storm 1990-1991. She also has two step children, Brandon Murer, who helps maintain the cleanliness of the store and Shelby Aarstad, who lives with her husband James and two children in Hayden Lake, Ida. Mary-Ann also has two grand kids, Brayden and Jaxton, who call her Lola, which means grandma and that is why Mary-Ann named her Oriental food store in Libby Lola’s.

Mary-Ann told us that most of what she has now is seasoning and sauces used in cooking certain dishes. She also has plenty of snacks for the kids plus a few drinks. There are also a variety of noodles for stir fry or other dishes and jasmine rice and sticky rice for making deserts. She has them in different quantities. There are some frozen products such as siopao (shoo pow), frozen fish, milk fish and a few other items. Mary-Ann offers canned fish and sardines. And her specialty is homemade take and bake lumpin or egg rolls. They are made with beef or chicken, and are dipped in a spring sauce that she also sells. Tempted, I had to try some and they were delicious. Make sure you get enough for the big eaters in the family.

Mary Ann has lived in Libby now for 26 years and she said, “I am very grateful to call Libby my home. I just wanted to add something different to our community. I will be slowly adding products over time, and getting better freezers for more frozen items and a fridge to have ice cold drinks.” And in summary Mary Ann added, “Thank you Libby for all the support so far especially with the problems our country is having at the moment. I will work hard on keeping stocked up on product, but with the Covid-19, the warehouses are struggling a bit also. So please be patient and I will take requests to see if they are available. Thank you all again for shopping at Lola’s.” Mary-Ann Murer also runs Tidy-Up House Cleaning, and you can reach her at 293-8973 or 291-8559.

Learn how to eat well, exercise well, and live well

Photo Below: CPMC’s Nicole Kapan, Registered Dietician. Photo courtesy of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.


Implementing healthy, sustainable changes to your daily nutrition and learning how to implement physical activity that is enjoyable can ultimately help you lose weight and feel better. Prevent is a lifestyle program that teaches and encourages you to make the modifications that can change the way you feel.  This program is taught by CPMC’s Nicole Kapan, Registered Dietician, and targets people who are at risk for pre-diabetes and/or developing Cardiovascular Disease.

Nicole is happy to be starting classes again this year.  “The PREVENT program began in Lincoln County over 8 years ago and has helped countless local people learn how to live longer, healthier lives.  I am pleased we can continue to share this course with the public,” she stated.

The PREVENT course begins with a personal assessment by a Lifestyle Coach to determine the best guidance that will get life-long success.  The 16 weeks to follow are known as the Core Sessions where participants attend weekly classes led by a Lifestyle coach; you will be in classes with others who have similar struggles and health concerns.  The remainder of the program is tailored to help participants maintain the healthy lifestyles they were taught in the core sessions.

Adults are eligible if they are overweight, have medical clearance, and have one or more of the following risk factors: pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or triglycerides, or have had gestational diabetes.

The next PREVENT program begins on September 24,  and will be held every Thursday from 5 – 6pm.  If you are interested, please see your physician or call the Cabinet Peaks Diabetes and Nutrition Education Department at 283-7316.

The local PREVENT program is sponsored by Cabinet Peaks Medical Center and the Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Prevention Program.

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Photo Below: CPMC’s Nicole Kapan, Registered Dietician. Photo courtesy of Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.