Country Inn Motel
Renovates Front Entrance

The Country inn motel, located at 1020 W 9th St. in Libby, has been in the process of  adding on a Front entrance that is coming along nicely. While the front of the building is being remodeled, The country inn motel has taken  the extra precautions in making sure there guests stay safe during there stay and ask that guests be cautious in the parking lot and use the left entrance for safety while work is done on the main entrance.

Rustic Rails Furniture and Log Works began the construction of  the front entrance march 28.

After fittings, Measurements, adding color and heavy lifting they are finally staring to see some great progress.  What looks to be a construction site now will soon be a worth while entrance and a great addition to the structure of the Country Inn Motel

Courtesy of The
Country Inn.

First Montana Bank donates $500 to the Heritage Museum Roof Replacement Project

The Heritage Museum recently received $500 in donation, from Angie Huisentruit of First Montana Bank in Libby, for the Museum’s roof replacement project. Photo courtesy of the Heritage Museum.