Troy City Council meets; new park additions considered

By Brian Baxter


Troy City Council convened on Thursday evening, Oct. 17 at 7 p.m. Present were Tracy Rebo, Treasurer; Shawna Kelsey, Councilwoman; Crystal Denton, Councilwoman; Dallas Carr, Mayor, and T.J. Boswell, Councilman.

The new business discussed at the meeting concerned a license for TMHP, LLC-Mobile Home Park, owners Jeremy Hageness and Shawna Norry.

Mayor Carr explained the owners had attended the previous work meeting, and along with the council had discussed a variety of issues concerning mobile home parks in Troy. The council then approved the new business license.

Power Manager, Clint Taylor’s report to the council included crew activities concerning power outages due to burnt wires on Iron and Callahan Creek Roads, and changing out a transformer on Mill Road. Personnel also installed new meter bases at 3rd and Riverside, as well as at the Troy Trailer Park. Tree trimming was completed at Dillionview, and street lighting lamps were replaced on the State Highway. Technicians  hooked up power and ran control wires at the Troy Cemetery. Crews also assisted the city shop with the O’Brien Creek water line.

City Shop Foreman, Dave Norman, reported personnel worked on the power line to the new well house at the cemetery, and the sewer lift station by the boat ramp. They also addressed a water main leak in the O’Brien Creek line under the county road. In addition, crews worked on doors and windows on the well houses, blew out the sprinkler systems, and worked on concrete forms for the curb at Riverside and Third Avenue.

In her Police Department Report for October, Kate Davis included personnel busy winterizing all vehicles, and setting up two of the SUVs with snow tires. Officers and reserve officers will be assisting at community events including sporting events,

During Halloween,  personnel are volunteering their time to hand out treats, and extra patrols will be on to ensure the safety of all pedestrians and children. Davis announced that the Department of Transportation Grant had been finalized and submitted, and that the department was shifting focus towards City Ordinance Violations that include junk vehicles and trash infractions.

Mayor Carr initiated a discussion centering on replacing the sprinklers in the wading pond, potentially building a snow hill, and the possibility of installing a zip line for kids at Riverfront Park. The council agreed to look into these options, and gather more information on cost and design of such additions.

Councilwoman Shawna Kelsey updated the council on the C.B.D.G. Grant and the Main Street Montana Project that is related. Kelsey mentioned several aspects of this grant, including the potential of hiring an independent consultant to advise the council, and the possibility of hiring a professional grant writer.

Mayor Carr suggested the council go through the growth policy, and schedule a discussion in the near future to plan the next steps involved.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at approximately 8:10 p.m.