Montana Quilt & Bull Elk Art Hosted by Venture Inn

Cyrus Lee

Those little bears made at Washington State Penitentiary are thrilled that the Venture Inn has partnered with Bears ‘n Stuff to display the ‘Montana Quilt’ and the ‘Bull Elk’ Intarsia wood art!   The giant quilt showing Montana in the glory of her four wild seasons and the Elk are smack dab in the middle of the Venture’s beautiful world class wood carvings!   Bears ‘n Stuff is continuing the silent auction for the Montana Quilt until November 7th and the Bull Elk until December 6th.  Proceeds will go to the food banks of Libby and Troy for the holidays.

Bidding is easy.  Bid on either item at the new ‘Bears ‘n Stuff MT’ Facebook page.  Go to our page, you know you have the right one as it has a photo of people holding up the quilt.  You’ll spot a post pinned to the top with the current bid information. Comment to this post with your new high bid.  That is it!  Just keep checking back to see if you are still in the running!  After the auction closes, we’ll announce the winners!  Please scroll down the page and look at the bears looking for a home and ‘Insider’ beanie caps with individual corrections numbers.  AND follow us on Facebook and tag your friends about us.

Finding wall space large enough to show off the quilt was a quest.  The Venture’s lobby is perfect, a Montana art gallery right in town!  Swing through the lobby and take a look on your way to lunch or dinner; during you stay in Libby.  You find a brief overview of Bears ‘n Stuff, our connection to the inmates at Walla Walla who create these beautiful works of art and the cuddly little bears.  You can learn about how this tiny, new, local not for profit has made a grizzly size impact on needs here in our area and in the prison.  You can discover what you can do to help make a difference in this circle of caring.

Just a Couple of Witches and

Warlocks at CPMC Rehab

Photo Courtesy of  Cabinet Peaks Medical Center