CPMC Imaging Tech gains CT Certification

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Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

Libby, MT – The Imaging Department at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is excited to announce the achievement of Jeana Myhre, a technician who recently received her
certification in Commuted Tomography (CT).

For a candidate to be eligible to take the board exam to become a registered CT technologist, Myhre was required
to complete sixteen credits of a structured academic CT
program. She also had to have successfully complete a
standard minimum set of verified and documented CT
procedures in the clinical setting. Myhre passed the board exam with flying colors and is officially registered through
the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist.

Myhre began her career with Cabinet Peaks Medical
Center 2 years ago but has been in her profession for
18 years.
Prior to working at CPMC, she worked in Washington.

“Being in a small and rural hospital, it is beneficial to have imaging staff that is educated and certified in multiple imaging disciplines to better accommodate the needs of our patients locally,” Myre shared. “I am so very grateful to work for an organization that not only encourages but provides the opportunity for further education and advancement. I am so appreciative of the amazing group of co-workers that didn’t hesitate to share their knowledge, experience, and support with me through this learning process.”

“Jeana is an asset to our Imaging team. She has worked hard on completing this registry and her determination is driven by her commitment to provide quality care to her
patients,” said CPMC’s Imaging Manager, Hannah Huck.
“Congratulations Jeana!”

For more information on the Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Imaging Department, please call 283-7080.

In-person class experience, new programs on schedule for FVCC fall semester students

Submitted by Flathead Valley
Community College


Flathead Valley Community College will return to primarily
in-person classes this fall at both the Kalispell and Libby campuses.

“Faculty, staff and students are excited to be back on campus this fall, as our tight-knit community
is a unique part of the FVCC experience,” said Vice President of
Academic and Student Affairs, Chris Clouse. “One of the outstanding things about FVCC is how we connect with students on an
individual basis, and get to know each student that is on campus.”

FVCC provides high quality programs for local students of all ages who are looking to start college, return to classes, or maybe start a new career.

Comprehensive campus offerings also assist students looking to complete a high school equivalency test or those who would like to take a non-credit course for enjoyment. There are many courses, programs and campus events.

“Faculty have said that in-person connection with students is one of the most rewarding aspects of teaching at FVCC,” said Clouse. “We’re all very enthusiastic about this upcoming semester, with new program offerings and a renewed excitement to be back in the classroom together – it’s a good time to be at FVCC.”

In March 2020, the campus went to fully online courses in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Academic year 2020-2021 followed with a mix of in-person, online and remote courses.

Clouse clarified that for some students, online or remote course options were convenient to coordinate with work and family schedules. “We still have online and
remote options to remain flexible with student and community needs,” shared Clouse. “The pandemic helped us to increase online course offerings and quality while building an even stronger student support network.”

Some operational changes made during the pandemic ultimately expanded access to student services and will remain in place.

For example, online advising sessions via Zoom had a high success rate of connecting to students, as did FVCC’s new digital 360-degree campus tour.

The college has a reputation for adapting to meet community needs and to best serve the local area.

Coordinating programs with local employers to bolster the workforce, acknowledging essential skills for education and careers in the Flathead and Lincoln valleys, matching the needs of the community with education and training is a high priority at FVCC.

Three new certificate programs are now open for registration in Kalispell to meet the growing workforce and training needs.

Each program can be completed in one year.

A Brewery Technician
Certificate, Social Media Marketing Certificate and a Biotechnology Certificate.

An exciting class added for
Lincoln County Campus is the new one-credit Beginning Yoga Course, starting this Fall. The class will be taught by Devi McCully, a local business owner with a long history of teaching yoga and Pilates in
the Libby area.

We’re excited to have Devi with us, and pleased to be able to offer this new class to the Lincoln
county community.

Registration is open now for Fall semester at FVCC at fvcc.edu/apply or email:

Classes begin on August 25.