Libby Logger Booster Club
Annual Membership Drive

Submitted by Libby Logger Booster Club


Libby Logger Booster Club is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support Libby High School Extracurricular activities.

As a nonprofit organization, the Logger Booster Club utilizes
membership dues to support our local students and works
year-round to raise additional funds needed to ensure all extracurricular programs remain optional to our students.

The Booster Club’s yearly membership drive starts at the beginning of each school year and runs from September through October. Memberships are broken into three levels: Blue/Gold, Silver to Gold, and Platinum level.

All funds raised through the annual membership drive go directly to support all extracurricular activities and the Libby High School students enrolled within those programs.  Booster Club awards two $500 scholarships each Spring during the Libby High School awards and scholarship night – one to a female and one to a male student.

The summer high school weightlifting program is also supported by Booster Club. Summer Personnel who are hired specifically for this program are responsible for organizing a summer workout regimen and the supervision of the weight room.

Booster Club further supports all extracurricular activities through providing a daily stipend for food to all students while competing at end of season tournaments and or competitions. All high school activities can request funds through Booster Club which can be used to enhance the quality of the individual sport for the students.

Other activities that Booster Club supports include providing a homecoming tailgate BBQ for all student athletes during Homecoming week, ensuring all high school students get in free for different sporting events, providing supplies for decorations for homecoming and senior nights, and supporting community night activities that are held at the Libby High School.

Current fundraising activities which the Booster Club utilizes include selling of 50/50 tickets at football and basketball games, selling logger gear at events and through the school, taking donations, and the newly organized annual golf tournament which celebrated its inaugural year this past spring at Cabinet View. Again, all profits from these events go directly to support all students who participate in extracurricular activities at Libby High School.

If you are interested in becoming a Booster Club member, you can access the membership form through the Libby Logger Booster Club Facebook account or email a request for member information to: libbyboosterclub@gmail.com. Payments can be sent via Venmo or mailed directly to: Libby Logger Booster club, PO box 1238, Libby, MT 59923.

EPA deletes OU8 portion of
Libby Superfund site from National Priorities List

Libby, Mont.
(September 14, 2021)


Today, the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) announced
the deletion of a portion of the Libby Asbestos Superfund site in Libby, Mont. from EPA’s National Priorities List (NPL).EPA and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality have determined that all cleanup
activities required for deletion are complete at Operable Unit 8 (OU8)
of the site.

“This is the third operable unit
deletion at the Libby Asbestos Superfund site in three years, a milestone that demonstrates the progress EPA and our partners have made in the cleanup and restoration of properties
in Libby,” saidBetsy Smidinger,
Directorof EPA Region 8’s Superfund and Emergency Management

The Libby Asbestos Superfund
site was placed on EPA’s NPL in 2002 due to high levels of Libby Amphibole
asbestos in and around the communities of Libby and Troy. The site is
divided into eight Operable Units.
Operable Unit 8 of the site is comprised of roadways and highways
in and between the towns of Libby and Troy, including U.S. Highway 2, MT Highway 37 and country roads.

EPA is deleting OU8 based on a determination that no further remediation action is needed to protect human health and the environment. The area will continue to be subject to operation and maintenance activities, including regular reviews to
ensure protectiveness of the remedy. EPA will continue to address contamination concerns at the remaining Operable Units of the Libby Asbestos site, including the former mine site.

For more information about the
Libby Superfund site, visit:  www.epa.gov/superfund/libby-asbestos 



OU8: United States and Montana State Highway transportation corridors, these properties include 30 miles of U.S. Highway 2, Montana Highway 37, and Farm to Market and River Roads. EPA anticipates no further cleanups within OU8. Institutional controls have been
established to ensure that the remedy remains protective. Operation and maintenance activities are ongoing. OU8 was partially deleted in September 2021.


Since 2016, when EPA signed a Record of Decision for cleanup in the communities of Libby and Troy, cleanup work
has been conducted as remedial
action. At this point, EPA doesn’t
anticipate future removal actions
unless they are needed for interim
actions at OU3. EPA anticipates sharing a proposed cleanup plan for forested
areas of OU3 in 2023.


OU3: Property in and around the
former mine impacted by LibbyAmphibole (LA) asbestos, including a tailings dam and impoundment of vermiculite mine waste, the Kootenai River, Rainy Creek and Rainy Creek Road, and
surrounding forested areas. EPA
completed the remedial investigation in 2016 and we expect to complete a feasibility study in 2021. EPA is currently evaluating different treatment technologies that could be implemented to reduce exposures to LA in soil, duff, water, sediment and mine waste. Since higher exposures to LA have been observed during wildfire suppression and mop up activities, EPA works closely with the US Forest Service, WR Grace, state and local partners, and other stakeholders to prepare for and prevent wildfires. We are also working closely with WR Grace, and state and local partners to address concerns about degradation at the tailings dam, also known as the Kootenai Development Impoundment Dam. After the feasibility study is released and public comment has been solicited, EPA
and partners will select a remedy for OU3 (Record of Decision currently
anticipated for 2024).


– www.epa.gov/superfun/libby-asbestos