Mother’s Day Market in Troy slated to kick-off

10th Annual Market Season

Press Release—Troy Farmers Market


Pictured: Patrons of the 2020 Troy Farmer’s

Market line-up for the final season bounty this past Fall.  The Mother’s Day market will kick-off this 10th season on Friday, May 7 at the Troy Museum Grounds. Bedding plants, baked goods, locally crafted products and more will be

available for purchase. (Photo by Stacy Bender)


The Troy Farmers Market began in 2011 with just a few vendors gathered to provide a fun family and community event offering locally produced, healthy and  affordable food and handmade products.

Now celebrating its 10th season, one of the goals of the market has always been to create a welcoming space for friends to meet and neighbors to bump into one another.

The market provides a venue for vendors not only to sell produce and home-made goods, but to share their knowledge of gardening, food production and preservation specific to our local area.

The Mother’s Day market will kick-off this 2021 season on Friday, May 7, where patrons will find bedding plants, baked goods, and locally crafted products.

This year the market is excited to be holding “First Friday” events with special music and activities on the first Friday of each month.  These special markets will include more craft vendors than normal markets.

All markets will continue to host kids activities in collaboration with the Lincoln County Zero to Five program and the Troy Library.

The Troy Farmers Market participates in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Double-SNAP, and the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. SNAP provides a way for EBT users to access locally grown vegetables and fruits from the market and the Double-SNAP program matches every $1 spent to provide patrons twice the amount of assistance towards purchasing farm-fresh produce.

The Senior program provides low income seniors with $50 in coupons to spend on fresh produce and honey. Troy Farmers Market also offers a “Youth Booth” program, where aspiring youth entrepreneurs are encouraged to try their hands at making or growing a product and then selling it at market.

This year’s market will be open every Friday from 3:30-6:30 p.m. from May 7 to September 24 at the Troy Museum grounds, 421 S. Main St.

Follow the Troy Farmers Market on Facebook @troyfarmersmarketmontana or contact troymtfarmersmarket@gmail.com with any questions on how to become involved.

Calling all vendors to the CPMC Annual Health Fair

Press Release—CPMC

Doug House, CPMC ED Manager, greets guests inside the Libby Memorial Center at a past event.  This year, the CPMC Annual Health Fair will moving outdoors to J. Neils Park in Libby.  (Courtesy Photo)


Libby, MT – Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is once again gearing up for their annual health fair.  The fair takes place on Saturday, June 12, 2021. The fair this year is “Tailgatin’ for Health” and will be held outdoors
in the parking lot of J. Neils. It celebrates health and wellness with the community by bringing together
numerous displays, activities, and screenings.

“We are once again inviting health and wellness related organizations and businesses who want to bring awareness to their health and wellness products and services to be a part of the fair,” stated Paula Collins, Marketing Coordinator at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center.  “We have always encouraged our vendors to do more than just display their goods by putting together fun and interactive exhibits.  The more interactive
and fun the booth is, the more fair-goers will remember about each vendor’s goods and services.”

Exhibit space rental is free this year and vendors are responsible for all they will need to make their
display a success.   All registrations are due by June 1st, and no late registrations will be accepted. The fair is free and open to the public from 9:30am until 12:00pm.

“With hundreds of people attending the fair each year, it’s an extremely great way to get your health and wellness word out in our community,” added Collins.  “We only have a limited number of exhibit spaces
available, so if businesses or individuals are interested, I encourage them to contact us as soon as possible.”

If you are interested in entering a booth at the 2021 Cabinet Peaks Medical Center Health Fair, please
contact Paula Collins at paula.collins@cabinetpeaks.org.


Land Sale Underway at Cabinet View Golf Course

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“The agreement reached this past week and the approval of the grant will allow all parties to prosper in the future,” Mercer added.

“The sale of the land to the current purchaser is in the best interest of the City of Libby, CVGC and the entire community,” Mercer had stated in previous discussions.

The planned subdivision with 70-80 lots will bring with it profit for the city in the form of initial construction and jobs, potential improvements to local infrastructure, increased revenue from water and sewer fees and property taxes.

Not to mention the influx of revenue the new clubhouse will bring to the golf course, itself.  Currently, CVGC holds seven tournaments each season—two of which are aimed specifically at supporting community through funding equipment purchases at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center and providing scholarships to local high school students.

CVGC provides one of the larger tourist attractions in the county. As such, this drives dollars into the local economy as patrons seek out businesses for food, lodging and entertainment.

“The potential revenue stream now on the table is substantial and will benefit the City of Libby in many ways,” said Mercer.

While the $541K grant from the city’s Economic Development Fund will get them started, CVGC will again put the same passion which has developed the local course to reputable and world-class standards back into making the future they have also seen possible happen.

Future fundraising to match funds and achieve those goals will most certainly be required, but at this time the board is just thrilled to be moving forward again.


by Stacy Bender