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Libby & Troy Locals Bring Down Big Bull Elk

Tyler Ekstedt, son of Chuck Ekstedt. “He was hunting side by side with his dad in Dillion Mt when he took the shot just before dark had to go back the next to recover the elk. Hard work but well worth it!” Said Ekstedt.


resident, Randy Lane took down a large Bull Elk in Dillon, Mont. 


Photo courtesy of  Bonnie Schell.

Tyler Freeman  shot down this 6×7 bull elk.


Photos courtesy of  Maurica


Young buck brings down 218 pound 6×6 mule deer

Barrett Moe took down his first buck during this year’s  youth hunt. The mule deer weighed 218 pounds with the
innards out.


Photo courtesy of Bill Moe.

Local Troy man shares his hunting experience after major surgery

Above: “I struggle to express what this hunt means to me. During my darkest hours this past winter when I was  bedridden with my back injury I wondered if I would be able to hunt this way again. Even after surgery and the very slow healing process I had my doubts. As my recovery gained momentum I envisioned this week and put in the work. I walked, then walked harder, then I ran. The sweat and pain paid off. I climbed all over these hills for the past four days—twenty plus miles and hundreds of feet of elevation gained and lost. I felt strong and capable. In the end I drug this buck a half mile to the gate at the county road. I am back.” Said Palmer. 


Photo courtesy of Ashley South


Hunt like a Girl

Bailey Shaw, age 11, took down her buck on Oct.24.

Congratulations Bailey! 


Photo courtesy of

Maurica Erickson