“These are my two foster dogs. The darker one is named Nanette and the other is Kara.  I was working on my computer and looked up to find these two napping.

They came together from the Hardin area.

I foster for a rescue named Freckles and Tomcat, great advocates for rescue, and I hope this recognition could possibly help to get these girls adopted – plus it was

just so sweet to find them like this!” – Kaitlin O’Neal


“We are the poodle sisters who reside in beautiful Troy. We are very sociable and really love children.

If we aren’t greeting and loving up on visitors, we are chasing butterflies, bird shadows, or each

‘I am Mia, the little one and I am a clown! I like to jump through hoops, sit pretty, and do lay down roll over tricks. I am one spunky monkey. I love to go huckleberry picking in the woods and pick the berries right off the
bushes….yum yum. I bring hours of pleasure to my people and friends. I am
so happy and love to share that with everyone.’

‘Hi, I am Maya the big girl, and I am so sweet and loving! I like to sit pretty, shake with either paw,
and do lay down roll over tricks, I am a honey bunny. I like to lay flat on my back with my legs up in the air and get my tummy rubbed.
I really love children
and let them do anything with me, including
dancing, dress up, and running through the sprinkler with them. I enjoy being outdoors
and being a faithful
companion and enjoy bringing pleasure to those that I am around.’

We filled the hole in our parents and their grandchildren’s  hearts after they lost their wonderful Dobby and we are such a blessing to all of them!

If we aren’t out back in the yard doing the “sniff” “sniff” we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of persons to love up on!”

– Robert Garcia



“My girl is 8 1/2 years old. Freya is a great companion, and a great friend. She is a rescue, the gentleman that had her was not very nice to her. I brought her home to give her a better life. She has a nice size yard, she tries to play with you even though she is a little stiff. Freya is happy, a little shy, and has a strong voice. She walks with me when my blood sugar is low. She’s happy and content and the neighbors all like her. She is a great watchdog and let’s everybody know with her strong voice. She is part of the neighborhood family.”

-Tonia Wilson


CPMC Lab Tech Furthers

Education on Path to Career

Submitted by
Cabinet Peaks Medical Center


Libby, MT – The Lab Department at Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is eager to announce the achievement of technician, Bridgett Haskins, CPT, who recently passed the exam
to become a Certified
Phlebotomy Technician.

Phlebotomy Technicians are critical team members in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, and blood
donor centers. As new types of tests are developed and laboratory tech positions grow, it’s an especially important field within which to continue education.

When asked about her certification, Haskins – who has been with CPMC for 1 ½ years  – stated, “During my senior year of high school, I had the
opportunity to intern at CHC in the lab. I enjoyed it and after graduation was able to start working at the hospital. With the experience and training they gave me, I was able to take and pass my exam to become certified. It was important to get certified to keep
the job I love and to continue to serve the patients
at CPMC.”

Roger Riddle, Manager of the CPMC Lab
explained, “All of us here in the Lab are very proud and pleased Bridgett has displayed the initiative to become a certified medical care giver. She has
certainly displayed that she wants to provide professional, efficient patient care by completing this
certification. The depth of information and amount of blood collecting skill sets that she has acquired through this certification, are a welcome addition
to our great team here at Cabinet Peaks Medical

For more information about CPMC’s Central Lab, call 283-7090.