Troy and Libby firefighters make tribute to victims of 9/11


Left: Libby’s fire department set up a small temporary memorial last Wednesday as a way to honor the victims who were effected by the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian.  Right: Troy’s fire department held a small ceremony in honor of the victims who were effected by the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. Photo courtesy of Ashley Cretty.

Free Wi-Fi for all

Montana sky sponsored the International Chainsaw Carving Championship  by providing vendors and all attending citizens with free Wi-Fi during the event last weekend.

Photo courtesy of Montana Sky West.

Yaak Wings Walk

Students from the Yaak Elementary School join in the Yaak Wings Walk against cancer last week. Photo courtesy of Yaak Elementary School


Ron Adamson at the Heritage Museum

The Heritage Museum in Libby has displayed Ron Adamson’s artwork for the past month and have only just taken it out last Sunday, Sept. 15. Guests to The Heritage Museum were able to see some of Ron’s bronzes, alabaster sculpture, paintings and more. But Ron is not the only talented Adamson in the family. This exhibit also highlighted  the talents of his wife, Julie Adamson, and son, Jeffrey Adamson, as well as Carly Jean Wallace, Ron’s apprentice chainsaw carver.