Sheriff’s Office receives appreciation donation

Coca-Cola representative, Marty Rhodes, donated some drinks to local law enforcement. Detention Officer, Tucker Winn and Patrol Captain, Boyd White accepted the donation. Photo courtesy of Lincoln County  Sheriff’s Office.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

the Coronavirus way

On Sunday, May 10, locals gathered at the River Bend Restaurant for a special worship service hosted by Libby Christian Church. With the opportunity to sit in lawn chairs or in vehicles, a large number of locals were able to attend and maintain social distancing at the same time. The service was available by radio as well. Photo courtesy of Libby Christian Church.

Park sees new flowering trees

Volunteer forester, April Rainey (left), the ladies associated with Lincoln County Victim / Witness Programs, and volunteer forester Steve Tralles (back), combined forces to plant beautiful flowering crabapple trees at Riverfront Park on May 8. The trees were donated by the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and the Arbor Day Foundation. Not pictured are volunteer foresters Russ Gautreaux and Brian Baxter. The annual Arbor Day Celebrations in Libby were canceled due to COVID-19. Photo by Brian Baxter, The Montanian.

High Spirts keeps

spirits high even with social



High Spirits Liquor store has been known to have more than a few funny signs, but this one fits so well with these trying times. ”Don’t stand, Don’t stand, Don’t stand, So close to me,” are lyrics from a song by The rock band, The Police. The song is called Don’t Stand So Close to Me.

Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian.