Libby High School students explore written art of “Offering Advice”

Advice From a
Rainbow Trout

Show your true colors.

Don’t trust everything you see,
even if it looks trusting.

Know when and when not to open your mouth.

Stay away from your enemies.

Be thankful for cool and clean waters.

by Annika Thorstenson




Advice From an Elephant


Stand tall and stand out

Always cherish your memories

Stay loyal to your family

Make a big first impression

Protect those you love

Leave your mark…or footprint

Live life large!

by Jessica Cunningham




Advice From a Cat


Take care of yourself.

Sleep when you are tired and

eat when you are hungry,

Keep yourself healthy and allow love in your life.

Lastly, stand up for yourself and

don’t let other people control you.

    by Kelsey Johnson








Advice From a Wildflower


Be confident in yourself, but be wild too.

Share your beauty and kindness with others.

Stand tall and proud.

Open up to others.

Enjoy the little things in life.

by Gabby Fantozzi







Advice From a Bear


Look to the trees for a scratch.

Salmon is your meal, treat them like it.

Be burley; people won’t mess with you.

Berries are the bomb for summer snacks

If you run, run fast and for little time.

Mess with the Babies, you get the Momma.

by Vance Ward



Advice From a Sloth


Slow down, take your time.

Get plenty of rest.

Climb high like your expectations.

Relax your mind.

Always hang on tight,

don’t ever let others pull you down!

Never let go of what you love.

Get a grip!

by Krystal Pena 







Advice From a Cow


Milk a Good Life for yourself.

When someone tips you over,  just get back up.

Moo-ve the toxic people out of your life.

Just because your patterns or spots are different from everyone elses, doesn’t mean you’re useless.

No matter the size of your udders, A to DD, they’re beautiful.

Live your life to the fullest, cause one day you’ll be slaughtered.

by Mekenna McNulty



Advice From a Chihuahua


Be confident.

Never be afraid to let your voice be heard.

See the world from a different angle.

Protect what you love.

Remember to take it easy.

Enjoy the little things.

by Ruby Martin