Libby Volunteer Ambulance Weekly Call Blotter


Thursday, 6


11:27 a.m. Paged for a male in a pickup alongside the road possibly having heart problems.

Friday, 7


4:14 a.m. Paged for a female who is throwing up blood.


7:08 a.m. Paged for male who has a laceration with bleeding to his leg.


12:53 p.m. Paged to subway for a female who passed out.


Saturday, 8


3:18 p.m. Paged for a female who has fallen and hurt her shoulder.


5:05 p.m. Paged for a female who fell and is complaining of back pain.


6:19 p.m. Paged to the Libby Care Center for a female who fell.


Sunday, 9


4:26 a.m. Paged for an alarm call unknown reason.


Monday, 10


10:47 a.m. Paged for a male who is unconscious but breathing.


7:20 p.m. Paged for a standby at the ambulance barn.


Tuesday, 11


2:36 a.m. Paged to respond to the airport.


9:30 p.m. Paged for a woman with chest pains and high blood sugar.


Wednesday, 12 


3:40 p.m. Paged to the Community Health Center for a 20-year-old male having a seizure.


5:43 p.m. Paged for an unresponsive male.