Lincoln County Junior Fair

Considered for Grand Animals

Hailey Matthews, Beef, market
William Niemi, Swine, feeder pig
Harmon Evans, Duck, drake, young
Cailin Morgan, Hen, bantam, uncommon breed
Cailin Morgan, Hen, standard size, common breed
Isabella Soileau, Fancy, Jr. doe, under 6 months
Isabella Soileau, Fancy, pen of 3 rabbits
Nicholas Harper, Fur class, Rex
Piper Thompson, Trail Class age 8-12
Nicholas Harper, Trail Class age 13+


I was a little nervous going into my first year on the Fair committee, after not having a fair in 2020. I don’t think any of us knew what to expect. But the 2021 Lincoln County Junior Fair exceeded my expectations. We had a great turnout, with 51 exhibitors and hundreds of exhibits. It was absolutely worth all the work that went into it, and I was so excited to see it all come together. I could not have asked for better people to be on the Fair committee with. “

– Amanda Montgomery
Lincoln County
Junior Fair Organizer



“I am so happy the Junior Fair was
a success!  It was incredible to see the amount of volunteers from the community who spent hours setting up, registering kids, judging, taking down, and so much more.  I am
beyond grateful for those who helped.  The animals portion of the fair went so well.  It was exciting to have cows back at the fair this year, and we hope to expand to have even more animal entries and viewing times for the public next year.”
– Kelsey Fox
Lincoln County
Junior Fair Organizer

Grand Champion Awards


Samantha Evans: Fine Arts (2),
Flowers, Performing Arts

Caedence Montgomery: Fine Arts,
Self Determination, Parade, Performing Arts

Vivian Grosch: Fine Arts, Crafts-Kits & Models

Airyana Haugen: Fine Arts

Nicholas Harper: Fine Arts

Jane Morgan: Fine Arts, Crafts, Parade

Sidney Rusdal: Photography, Crafts, Domestic Arts, Woodworking, Self Determination

Warren Paulsen: Crafts-Kits & Models (2)

Jacob Rusdal: Crafts

Laura Morgan: Crafts

Izabelle Paulsen: Domestic Arts,
Food Preservation, Food Preparation, Parade

Cailin Morgan: Domestic Arts, Sewing,
Vegetables, Parade

Allison Evans: Eggs, Parade, Performing Arts

Andie Alsup: Food Preparation

Mercedes Haugen: Food Preparation

Arissa Spencer: Food Preparation

Leah Rusdal: Self Determination

Koehler Holmes: Parade, Performing Arts

Silvia Montgomery: Parade

Hollis Montgomery: Parade

Audrey Haugen: Parade

Mannix Montgomery: Performing Arts

Tiara Foulke: Peforming Arts

Keianna Haugen: Performing Arts