Inmate Offense Roster

Monday, August 1



All charges are misdemeanors unless specified as a felony. This list of inmates reflects solely those detained on the date listed above and does not  reflect those who have since been arrested or released.




Bowers, James R JR.
Charged with motor vehicle theft, all other offenses, and trespass of real property. LCJC.


Crame, Trista S.
Charged with felony all other offenses and felony drug/narcotic violations.


Erickson, Brenton K.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Hansen, Luke D

Charged with felony all other larceny.


Heil, Joseph D.
Charged with all other offenses and felony intimidation. LCJC.

Macy, Isaac W.
Charge not classified.


Manheim, Benjamin M.
Charged with intimidation. LCJC.


McCully, Cole D.
Charged with drug/narcotic violations, felony all other offenses, and three counts all other offenses. LCJC.


Nelson, Richard W.
Charged with traffic offense and driving under the influence.


Plantiko, Travis C.
Charged with intimidation and felony aggravated assault.



Purkhiser, Walter J.

Charged with intimidation and all other offenses. LCJC.


Rose, Charles O.
Charged with simple assault.


Seaman, Garry D.
Charged with two counts felony murder and non-negligent manslaughter. LCJC.


Shelton, Dustin L.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Wolf, Colin C.
Charged with felony burglary/breaking and entering. LCJC.


Yakovenko, Bohdan Y.
Charged with simple assault, trespass of real property, and disorderly conduct.