All charges are misdemeanors unless specifically listed as a felony. Dollar figures shown (if any) are bail/bond amounts. Transferred prisoners are listed as released because they were released by Lincoln County.


As of Mar. 30, 2020


  1. Adkison, Eldon Lee, 45; arrested Dec. 10, 2019. Charged with suspended driver`s license, felony possession of dangerous drugs, and failure to carry proof of insurance. Lincoln County. $30,000. Released Mar. 27, 2020.
  2. Basham, Bruce Alan, 56; arrested on Feb. 24, 2020. Charged with hold/commit for outside agency. DOC.
  3. Brooks, Jon David, 45; arrested on Mar. 16, 2020. Charged with felony probation violation. Adult Probation. Released on Mar. 26, 2020.
  4. Burkhad, Thomas John William, 59; arrested Mar. 25, 2020. Charged with 3 counts of disorderly conduct. Libby City Court, $1,225.
  5. Carver, Alicia Dawn, 28; arrested Dec. 22, 2019. Charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of dangerous drugs, and felony motor vehicle theft. Lincoln County. $25,000.
  6. Casazza, Dallas Clay, 40; arrested on Feb. 13, 2020. Charged with felony tampering with witnesses and felony revocation of sentence. Department of Corrections.
  7. Corriher, Joshua Paul, 39; arrested on Mar. 9, 2020. Charged with felony hold/commit for outside agency, and felony failure to appear. LCJC/DOC.
  8. Ferguson, William James, 48; arrested on Feb. 27, 2020. Charged with felony sexual intercourse without consent. Libby Justice Court. $100,000.
  9. Garberg, Jason William, 44; arrested on Mar. 19, 2020. Charged with two counts of improper turn, construction zone violation, speeding/basic, two counts of failure to give right of way to emergency vehicle, improper passing, and stop sign violation. Lincoln County.
  10. Norvell, Brian Thomas, 31; arrested May 25, 2019. Charged with felony returned for court. Lincoln County, $250,000.
  11. Rebo, Jesse David, 39; arrested on Mar. 21, 2020. Charged with felony extra jurisdiction arrest. Libby Justice Court. Released Mar. 24, 2020.
  12. Savage, Alvin McKenzie III, 42; arrested Nov. 22, 2019. Charged with felony assault of a peace officer aggravated injury, no valid driver`s license, expired registration, and aggravated DUI. Lincoln County, $17,500.
  13. Simons, Richard Newell, 29; arrested on Mar. 6, 2020. Charged with two counts of partner family member assault minor injury/physical contact, obstructing a peace officer, felony assault on a minor, and resisting arrest. Lincoln County. $10,000.
  14. Viereck, Richard Harold, 44; arrested June 25, 2019. Charged with two counts of revocation of sentence, revoke of bail or bond and felony violation of protection order. Libby Justice Court. Scheduled to be released April 11, 2020.
  15. West, Kenneth Lee, 61; arrested on Feb. 26, 2020. Charged with felony revoke release-bail or bond. LCDC/Pretrial. $150,000.
  16. Williams, Cody Allen, 28; arrested on Mar. 18, 2020. Charged with two counts of felony assault on a minor, felony sexual assault and felony revoke of sentence. Adult Probation.
  17. Wilson, Teresa Marie, 49; arrested on Mar. 13, 2020. Charged with felony revocation of sentence. Lincoln County. $10,000.





Wednesday, March 18


10:31 a.m. Someone reported a goat that needs its hooves trimmed and at least five dogs with matted coats that have not been fixed. If you don’t spay and neuter them, they could end up getting a little ruff.


11:13 a.m. A train was blocking the railroad crossing at Fifth Street extension and Second Street. It was on the right track so authorities couldn’t do much.


3:54 p.m. Libby Creek dumpsters were smoking.


4:50 p.m. Someone reported a tent pitched at Fireman’s Park, there was no one home, so they left a note.


8:23 p.m. BNSF reported a male straddling a metal structure over the railroad track.


Thursday, March 19


9:50 a.m. A woman reported that she invited her ex over to pick up his medications but he took her TV. Maybe he planned to watch comedies: laughter is the best medicine.


11:23 a.m. Someone upset by a store being closed threw a bunch of trash out of their vehicle and told the owner to clean it up.


Monday, March 23


8:35 a.m. As the stock market plunged due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a dead eagle was reported on Farm to Market Road.


4:14 p.m. A caller on Pinewood reported feeling down in the dumps. They were being harassed by a neighbor who refused to clean up their trash.


Tuesday, March 24


1:36 p.m. 43% of the U.S. population was asked to stay home, and another bald eagle was found under a tree on Bobtail Road.



7:29 p.m. A man on a bicycle tried to purchase beer at a convenience store. After being denied the beer he took it and drank it in their beer cave. The cashier then made him pay anyway.


Wednesday, March 25


2:13 p.m. New York City reports coronavirus cases are doubling every three days and a golden eagle is hit on Highway 2.


6:45 p.m. A male in the grocery store was being loud, profane and spitting due to shortages and stress.


7:37 p.m. Four unlucky hounds out of six were left behind at a residence on n Timber Lane when their humans moved out. They  were howling and barking incessantly neighbors said.


Thursday, March 26


11:25 a.m. One of the Timber Lane dogs got out and chased a woman and her little dog too.


8:34 p.m. Suspicious activity was reported in Troy. According to the caller, someone is building a troubled boys home and that news is troubling.


9:15 p.m. A woman with four kids called 911 and asked to be picked up. She was looking for a hotel but the phone went dead and she never gave her location.


Friday, March 27


8:28 a.m. Someone called to discuss pros and cons of travelling to Spokane.


11:51 a.m. A coffee can and drugs were reported in Cherry Creek Bluff Road. Officers picked up the items that conveniently had names attached.


12:11 p.m. Someone complained about his neighbors moving his wood pile   off of their property and starting to build a fence without telling him. His feelings were hurt but at least his back was spared.


2:40 p.m. A man called to report that a Min Pin had attacked he and his wife. Their ankles were in danger for a short time but now they are fine.


Sunday, March 29


2:11 p.m. A unfixed one eyed Pomeranian was reported lost on Highway 37.


4:00 p.m. A half dozen pieces of sheet metal were blown from a room near Second and Mineral in Libby.


4:38 p.m. Four houses were on the loose in the highway.


5:09 p.m. A clay bank near Pipe Creek was unstable and sliding.


10:23 p.m. Two men at Gut Creek were having a custody battle over a dog. It was unclear where the dog should live because he was not on the leash.