Inmate Offense Roster

Monday, July 11


All charges are misdemeanors unless specified as a felony. This list of inmates reflects solely those detained on the date listed above and does not  reflect those who have since been arrested or released.


Bryant, Donald C.
Charged with felony aggravated assault and two counts of simple assault. LCJC.


Crame, Trista S.
Charged with felony all other offenses and felony drug/narcotic violations.


Darling, Rod E.
Charged with felony all other offenses and all other offenses. LCJC.


Davis, Brad T.
Charged with simple assault, destruction/damage/vandalism, and two counts all other offenses.

Eatwell, Robert C.
Charged with felony drug/narcotic violations and two counts felony all other offenses. LCJC.


Erickson, Brenton K.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Hansen, Luke D

Charged with felony all other larceny.


Heil, Joseph D.
Charged with all other offenses and felony intimidation. LCJC.


Houchin, Steven J.
Charged with simple assault and aggravated assault.


Kienzle, Jacob C.
Charged with simple assault.


Macy, Isaac W.
Charge not classified.


Nelson, Richard W.
Charged with traffic offense and driving under the influence.


Orsborn, Ty R.
Charged with simple assault, aggravated assault, and drug/narcotic violations. LCJC.


Purkhiser, Walter J.

Charged with intimidation and all other offenses. LCJC.


Scott, Peggy S.
Charged with motor vehicle theft, all other offenses, traffic offense, and DUI alcohol or drugs. LCJC. LCDC.


Seaman, Garry D.
Charged with two counts felony murder and non-negligent manslaughter. LCJC.


Shelton, Dustin L.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Wilkes, Tyler J.
Charged with all other offenses. LCDC.


Wolf, Colin C.
Charged with felony burglary/breaking and entering. LCJC.


Yakymchuk, Bohdan P.
Charged with three counts all other offenses.

Family River Safety Overview

Courtesy of  David Thompson SAR

Life Flight landed at the Riverfront Park at approximately 6:30 on Thursday July 14 to give an overview of their capabilities and services.

Topics presented covered personal flotation devices, hypothermia, safe rescue techniques, rescue equipment, water craft capabilities, and much more.


Photo Courtesy of  Noah Pyle

Emergency Planning


Courtesy of

Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency



PSA- With things warming up, Wildland fire season on use and national concerns with power grid strain.

Lincoln County Emergency Management Agency  Cadvises residences, businesses, and especially people who use electricity and battery-dependent assistive technology and medical devices to be prepared. develop and test an Emergency Power Planning.

Be Prepared for a power outage:


People Who Use Electricity and

Battery-Dependent Assistive Technology and Medical Devices power outage checklist:


There are lots of options of backup power solutions from batteries, solar, wind to gas, LPG and diesel generators. Each one has its pros and cons, take some time before a situations strikes.

Lets build a resilient Lincoln County.