Inmate Offense
September 23 (Only)



All charges are

misdemeanors unless
specified as a felony.


This list of inmates

reflects solely those

detained on the date listed above and does not reflect those who have since been arrested or released.



Assance, Tristan K. Charged with felony

assault with a weapon,

destruction of a communication device. LCDC.


Bessette, Marc J.
Charged with felony revocation of susp/deferred, felony
probation violation.


Brickey, Justin D.
Charged with felony
possession of dangerous drugs, felony
parole violation,
revocation of susp/deferred, two counts traffic offense. LCJC.


Dionne, Pernell A.

Charged with felony
impersonating a public servant. LCJC.


Eby, Jason R.
Charged with felony
criminal endangerment, felony offense – all others, possession
of dangerous drugs, disorderly conduct,
obstructing a police officer, negligent
endangerment, ten
counts traffic offense. LCJC/OOC/TCC.


Ellis, John K.

Charged with felony solicitation, felony
sexual assault, felony incest. LCJC.

Gibson, Karrie L.
Charged with felony arson. LCJC.


Ginger, Dale L.
Charged with felony DUI – alcohol or drugs, traffic offense. LCJC.


Jeffrey K., Jr.

Charged with felony
criminal endangerment, two counts
traffic offense. LCJC.


Hartman, William C.

Charged with three counts felony assault
with a weapon. LCJC.


Heitman, Nathan J.

Charge not classified. LCDC.

Howard, Barton W.

Charged with felony
parole violation,
assault – reasonable apprehension, disorderly conduct. LCC.


Hudak, Nakuma F.
Charged with felony

attempt, felony
burglary- residence, felony possession of burglary tools, felony possession of dangerous drugs, traffic
offense, possession of drug paraphernalia. LCDC.


James, Johnathan

Charge not classified. LCJC.


Johnson, Kevin D.

Charged with felony criminal endangerment, theft – all others, resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, four counts traffic offense. LCJC.


Jones, Brently C.

Charged with felony
parole violation,
aggravated DUI. LCJC.


Kirkedahl, Scott L.

Charged with felony

homicide, deliberate.


Leichty, Jared A.

Charged with felony
possession with intent
to sell. LCJC.


Marthe, David M.

Charged with felony
partner family member assault, destruction of a communication device. LCJC.


McMillan, Roy L.

Charged with felony
aggravated assault.


McMillen, Larry G., Jr.
Charged with felony, not classified. LCDC.


Mendez, Angella D.
Charged with two
counts felony offense –
all others, one count
felony – not classified. OOS/LCDC.


Obrecht, Ashley M.
Charged with aggravated partner family
member assault.


Olney, Rebecca R.

Charged with felony
assault on a peace
officer, felony custodial
interference. LCJC.


Read, Edward W.

Charge not classified. LCDC.


Stahl, Patricia N.

Charged with felony
possession with intent
to sell.



News of the week from
AP (Associated Press) and other sources with commentary by David F. Latham


As printed in The Montanian

Published September 18, 1991


Monday, September 9—


*** A jury in Great Falls apparently believed the story of a former Buirlington Northern Railroad brakeman who alleged he hurt himself on the job due to BN negligence. They awarded the man $700,000 for his troubles, reinforcing Vice President Dan Quayle’s assertion that the U.S. is being litigated to death.


MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) –
The National Wildlife Federation
wants the Canadian lynx protected
under the federal Endangered Species
Act in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado. Pat Tucker, wildlife biologist for the federation said the lynx population is at an all-time low because there’s been no lynx management plan.


BUTTE, Mont. (AP) – The increasing demand for timber has increased
loggers’ interest in privately owned timber stands, and government land managers are warning landowners to be cautious about boundaries and
contracts. Private landowners selling their timber should get competitive bids, ask for written contracts and require a performance bond from loggers.


***Soviet military officers enrolled in a two-week crash course at Harvard on how to operate their army in the new Soviet democracy.


Tuesday, September 10—


GREAT FALL, Mont. (AP) – A $200 million fuel  ethanol plant to be built in Great Falls next year will employ 130 people and buy 13 million bushels of Montana wheat and barley a year.



*** Rep. Rod Chandler, R—Wash., has urged the Bush administration to impose trade sanctions against Canadian lumber to protect the U.S. timber industry from Canadian competition. Now that Canada has eliminated its tax on

lumber exports, Canadian lumber threatens to become cheaper in the U.S., causing choosy shoppers to buy Canadian instead of higher priced American wood.


WASHINGTON (AP) – The Food and Drug Administration is calling for an interim ban on the sale of table wine containing relatively high levels of lead. The FDA told the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms that any wine

with more than 300 parts of lead per billion parts of wine should be considered unsafe for human consumption until a public comment period transpires and a permanent standard can be set.


LOS ANGELES, Calif. (AP) – Brad Davis, who played an American Imprisoned in Turkey for hashish smuggling in the harrowing 1978 movie “Midnight
Express,” died Sept. 8 of complications from AIDS. He was 41. Davis contracted AIDS from using drugs when he was younger, said his wife, Susan Bluestein, a casting director.


*** Jeffrey L. Dahmer pleaded innocent by reason of insanity to 15 murder charges. The 31-year-old Milwaukee man has admitted he killed and dismembered 17 people since 1978. A tial date was set for Jan. 27.


Saturday, September 14—


FLORENCE, Italy (AP) – A man pulled a hammer from under his jacket and attacked Michelangelo’s famed statue of David, but museum patrons subdued him before he could seriously damage the 487-year-old masterpiece. The man did succeed in knocking a toe off of the statue.