Inmate Offense
September 23 (Only)


All charges are

misdemeanors unless
specified as a felony.


This list of inmates

reflects solely those

detained on the date listed above and does not reflect those who have since been arrested or released.



Assance, Tristan K. Charged with felony

assault with a weapon,

destruction of a communication device. LCDC.


Bessette, Marc J.
Charged with felony revocation of susp/deferred, felony
probation violation.


Brickey, Justin D.
Charged with felony
possession of dangerous drugs, felony
parole violation,
revocation of susp/deferred, two counts traffic offense. LCJC.


Dionne, Pernell A.

Charged with felony
impersonating a public servant. LCJC.


Eby, Jason R.
Charged with felony
criminal endangerment, felony offense – all others, possession
of dangerous drugs, disorderly conduct,
obstructing a police officer, negligent
endangerment, ten
counts traffic offense. LCJC/OOC/TCC.


Ellis, John K.

Charged with felony solicitation, felony
sexual assault, felony incest. LCJC.

Gibson, Karrie L.
Charged with felony arson. LCJC.


Ginger, Dale L.
Charged with felony DUI – alcohol or drugs, traffic offense. LCJC.


Jeffrey K., Jr.

Charged with felony
criminal endangerment, two counts
traffic offense. LCJC.


Hartman, William C.

Charged with three counts felony assault
with a weapon. LCJC.


Heitman, Nathan J.

Charge not classified. LCDC.

Howard, Barton W.

Charged with felony
parole violation,
assault – reasonable apprehension, disorderly conduct. LCC.


Hudak, Nakuma F.
Charged with felony

attempt, felony
burglary- residence, felony possession of burglary tools, felony possession of dangerous drugs, traffic
offense, possession of drug paraphernalia. LCDC.


James, Johnathan

Charge not classified. LCJC.


Johnson, Kevin D.

Charged with felony criminal endangerment, theft – all others, resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, four counts traffic offense. LCJC.


Jones, Brently C.

Charged with felony
parole violation,
aggravated DUI. LCJC.


Kirkedahl, Scott L.

Charged with felony

homicide, deliberate.


Leichty, Jared A.

Charged with felony
possession with intent
to sell. LCJC.


Marthe, David M.

Charged with felony
partner family member assault, destruction of a communication device. LCJC.


McMillan, Roy L.

Charged with felony
aggravated assault.


McMillen, Larry G., Jr.
Charged with felony, not classified. LCDC.


Mendez, Angella D.
Charged with two
counts felony offense –
all others, one count
felony – not classified. OOS/LCDC.


Obrecht, Ashley M.
Charged with aggravated partner family
member assault.


Olney, Rebecca R.

Charged with felony
assault on a peace
officer, felony custodial
interference. LCJC.


Read, Edward W.

Charge not classified. LCDC.


Stahl, Patricia N.

Charged with felony


Montana Highway Patrol
Commissions 12 New Troopers

The Montana Highway Patrol commissioned 12 new troopers at a graduation ceremony held at the Civic Center in Helena on Thursday.  Attorney General Austin Knudsen and MHP Colonel Steve Lavin addressed the graduates at the event before their badges were pinned and they were sworn in to their new positions as Highway Patrol Troopers.

“You will be responsible for whether the people you encounter can enjoy their freedoms in this special place we call home,” Attorney General Knudsen said. “Unfortunately, crime knows no boundaries, and criminals are growing bolder every day. You will be on the front lines protecting Montanans from dangerous criminals and keeping our communities safe.”

The new troopers went through a rigorous training schedule over the past 23 weeks. Five of the 12 troopers are from Montana and the other six came from out of state.

“It’s a privilege to welcome these new troopers to our ranks. They were chosen from hundreds of applicants for their upstanding character, professionalism, and sense of duty. I look forward to the good works they will do for Montana,” Colonel Lavin said.

The Montana Highway Patrol continued to recruit for trooper positions through Oct. 1.  For more information on the recruitment process contact Kristi Skaalure at (406)444-3259.

Courtesy of Montana Department of Justice. New Highway Patrol Troopers pictured below.