Lincoln County

Sheriff’s Office

Inmate Offense Roster

Monday, October 10th


All charges are misdemeanors unless specified as a felony. This list of inmates reflects solely those detained on the date listed above and does not  reflect those who have since been arrested or released.


Bohn, Eric E.
Charged with two felony counts drug/narcotic violations and two counts drug equipment violations. LCJC.


Buford, Jason D.
Charged with simple assault, kidnapping/abduction, and felony forcible fondling. LCJC.


Erickson, Brenton K.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.

Fish, Quentin T.
Charged with all other offenses.


Foss, Destiniemariahe J.

Charged with all other offences. LCJC.


Goff, Dwayne D.
Charged with all other offenses.


Hall, Leslie C.
Charged with felony simple assault and all other offenses. LCJC.


Haughton, Joseph M.
Charged with two counts simple assault.


Heil, Joseph D.

Charged with felony intimidation and all other offences. LCJC.


Herzog, Halie M.
Charged not classified.


Hutt, James V.

Charged with felony all other offenses.


Lowney, Jacob J.
Charged with all other offenses.


Lynn, Kenneth D.
Charged with all other offenses, charge not classified, and driving under the influence.


Macy, Isaac W.
Charge not classified.


McCully, Cole D.
Charged with drug/narcotic violations, felony all other offenses, and three counts all other offenses. LCJC.


Mocko, Teresa C.
Charged with felony all other offenses and drug/narcotic violations. LCJC.


Nelson, Samantha L.
Charged with felony burglary/breaking and entering, destruction/damage/vandalism, and theft from a building. LCJC.


Orr, Troy D.
Charged with simple assault.


Osborn, Ty R.

Charged with felony aggravated assault and driving under the influence. LCJC.



Pefferman, Travis W.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCDC.


Peterson, Jonathan J.
Charged with felony intimidation, felony simple assault, simple assault, all other offenses, and disorderly conduct. LCJC.


Plantiko, Travis C.
Charged with intimidation and felony aggravated assault.


Seaman, Garry D.
Charged with two counts felony murder and non-negligent manslaughter. LCJC.


Varner, Stephanie L.
Charged with felony all other offenses. LCJC.

Williams, Elizabeth K.
Charged with trespass of real property, felony theft, all others, drug equipment violations, all other offenses, and two counts motor vehicle theft. LCJC.


Yakovenko, Bohdan Y.
Charged with felony simple assault, simple assault, and disorderly conduct. LCJC.

Fall Bears, Conflict Reduction, and Apple Cider

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As grizzly bears are trying to recover their populations, we are doing our best to reach out to recreationist to be bear aware while enjoying the vast landscape we all call home. We have had the opportunity to attend multiple events this year including the Troy Apple Festival and Forest Fair, to educate about bears, land preservation, climate awareness, and clean water. As founding members of the Troy Apple Festival, we are happy to announce Pete Leusch has purchased the YVFC Apple Press. Pete sits on the Board of Directors of YVFC and the Troy Farmers Market. YVFC purchased the Apple Press for the bear aware program, to offer opportunities for locals to glean the fruit from their orchards and have a place to process their fruit into cider. Bears love fruit, but if the fruit is picked and process bears have no reason to disturb orchards. Pete will continue to manage the press and offer it to the public along with the bear aware conflict reduction messaging. This is a great opportunity to press fresh cider and remove bear attractants to reduce conflict. If you are interested in using the apple press you can contact YVFC at any time.

A few helpful reminders to secure your home or recreate responsibly in bear country can be found on the YVFC website, MT Fish Wildlife and Parks, and The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee websites. Please remember to carry bear spray, secure food attractants, glean fruit trees, throw trash away, make noise outside, stay away from gut piles and carcasses, and always be bear aware.


Submitted by Yaak Valley Forest Council