Sunrise and Sunset Times

Date                       Sunrise        Sunset

April 22                         6:35 a.m.     8:45 p.m.

April 23                         6:33 a.m.     8:46 p.m.

April 24                         6:32 a.m.     8:48 p.m.

April 25                         6:30 a.m.     8:49 p.m.

April 26                         6:28 a.m.     8:50 p.m.

April 27                         6:26 a.m.     8:52 p.m.

April 28                         6:25 a.m.     8:53 p.m


Movie of the week.

“Promising Young Woman”

Directed by: Emerald Fennell

Nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be — she’s wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs from the past. {R}

Simons Weekly Weather Update

Issued Sunday March 29, 2020 – 7:05 p.m.


Wednesday ( April 22) Increasing clouds and locally breezy with a chance of valley rain and high mountain snow in the afternoon. Lows in the mid 30s to mid 40s with lower 30s around 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s with upper 30s around 5000 feet.

Thursday (April 23) Locally breezy with valley rain showers and high elevation snow showers likely. Lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s with near 30 around 5000 feet. Highs in the lower 50s to lower 60s with mid 30s around 5000 feet.

Friday( April 24) A slight chance of rain and high elevation snow showers otherwise dry and a little warmer. Lows in the 30s with upper 20s around 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 50s to mid 60s with near 40 around 5000 feet.

Saturday and Sunday (April 25, 26) A chance of valley rain showers and high mountain snow showers. Lows in the lower 30s to lower 40s with mid 30s around 5000 feet. Highs in the upper 50s to mid 60s with lower 40s around 5000 feet.


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Word of the week

  • Psithurism•

Pronunciation: [sith-your-ism]
Part of Speech: Noun

Meaning: The sound of rustling leaves.

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A local’s view on conservation,

climate change, polls, and more

Conservation: Yes, Our earth has many wonderful resources designed for our benefit in many ways, both materially and spiritually.

We all need to be responsible for using and maintaining them wisely, but we’re often found lacking. External accountability plays an important role- whether “Public,” “Private,” or “Industrial” – from personal behavior to communities to government.

Personal: Do we hold each other accountable for throwing trash out the window etc. to be picked up by those who care? Any hiker can let you know how we’re doing. Some golfers even take a trash bag along to keep the course clean.

Communities : How are we doing in Libby? Are our officials giving attention to that aspect of their jobs? or taking a “live and let live” approach to enforcement? – no new laws needed!

The Libby Revitalization Committee were volunteers who did a lot of that accountability leg work. However, it died from lack of support by those who had the authority (or prioritized resources) to act on existing laws.

Industrial: Yes, as those who do, or don’t throw trash,… administrators put effort towards meeting a need that not only serves us, but their own economic survival, public opinion and … what they can get away with. What are the priorities and means of those who have authority to hold them accountable?

Public Lands: Have you noticed the increasingly closed roads on our current “public lands” – supposedly to enable our increased access?

To keep them accessible requires investment in governing maintenance. Have you noticed the difference in forests that are maintained and those that are “left primitive” to let “nature take it’s course” and burn? Experts in Australia are revisiting the preventative practices used by the Aborigines – shouldn’t we as well?

According to the 2019 BLM report on 2018 public lands: The total area of the 50 United States is 2.4 billion acres. Total Public Domain is 1,840,709,120 acres: 1,807,533,440 land, 33,175,680  water = 75.6 %

Who is needing more? See for yourself:


Climate Change: A perspective of history from how the universe functions  inter-relationally on a short-term vs long-term basis is needed to apply understanding and wisdom to our current conditions.

I see a very narrow perspective from our “climate change activists.”

Short-term, surface evaluations are part of the “dumbing down” of education and manipulation of societies. Can we think for ourselves?

“Experts”:  How many of them have “hands on experience”? Or are  they ingrown recycled university students limited to “book learning,” ideal philosophies, and enjoying peer accolades? Are they the proclaimed “expert majority”?

Polls: Are generally from a select few. Of significance is how the questions are asked, where the emphasis is, and location… Results are easily manipulated toward a specific end… ie college campuses… Revealing a home of mass brainwashing?

Shouldn’t we ask ourselves: “Do we know enough to think we’re right? But not enough to know we’re wrong?”

Laura McGlasson, Libby Mont.