Sunrise & Sunset Times

Date Sunrise Sunset
June 2 5:43:41 a.m.     9:37:12 p.m.
June 3 5:43:09 a.m. 9:38:04 p.m.
June 4 5:42:40 a.m. 9:38:55 p.m.
June 5 5:42:13 a.m. 9:39:43 p.m.
June 6 5:41:49 a.m. 9:40:30 p.m.
June 7 5:41:28 a.m. 9:41:15 p.m.
June 8 5:41:09 am. 9:41:57 p.m.


Simons Weekly Weather

Northwest Montana Regional Forecast


Tuesday, June 1—

Sunny and warmer. Highs in the lower 80s to lower 90s with upper 60s around 5000 feet. Light southwest winds.


Wednesday, June 2—

Unseasonably hot with
record to near record high temperatures and dry. Lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s except near 60 on slopes, ridge tops and around 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 80s to mid 90s with lower 70s around 5000 feet.


Thursday, June 3—

Dry and continued hot
except for a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms mainly south and east of Happys Inn to Thompson Falls. Lows in the 50s with near 60 on slopes, ridge tops and around 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 80s to mid 90s with lower 70s around
5000 feet.


Friday, June 4—

Breezy to locally windy, dry and cooler. Lows in the 50s with lower 50s around 5000 feet. Highs in the 80s with lower 60s around 5000 feet.


Saturday & Sunday,
June 5 & 6—

Locally breezy and cooler with a slight chance of valley rain showers and mountain snow showers. Lows in the lower 40s to lower 50s with upper 30s around 5000 feet. Highs in the 70s Saturday cooling to the 60s Sunday. Around 5000 feet highs in the lower 50s Saturday
cooling to the mid 40s

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Montana Gas Price  

As of May 24, 2021 –


Neighboring areas and their current gas prices:


Idaho- $3.18/g, up 4.1 cents per gallon
from previous week’s $3.13/g.

Billings- $2.82/g, up 2.2 cents per gallon
from previous week’s $2.80/g.

Wyoming- $3.01/g, up 1.4 cents per gallon
from previous week’s $2.99/g.


Courtesy of GasBuddy

Summertime Staples


1– 10 oz. package frozen chopped spinach,
or 1 can spinach

1/2 c. milk

2 tbsp. onion, finely chopped

2 beaten eggs

1/2 shredded cheese (any kind)


Cook and drain spinach if frozen. (or drain can of spinach)

Combine all ingredients in 1 1/2 quart baking dish. Top with 1/2 cup soft bread crumbs (2 slices of bread). Bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes, or until knife comes out clean.

Serves 4.

– Mitzi Smart

“A Book of Favorite Recipes”

Christ Lutheran Church Women
© 1968-1982




1 egg (or more)

1 pan boiling water

1 Lutheran Hymnal


Place egg (or eggs) in pan of boiling water. Sing “Onward Christian Soldiers,” #509 in Lutheran Hymnal, all the way through for hard-boiled eggs; omit one verse for medium boiled eggs; sing only one verse for soft-boiled eggs.

Recipe Note: The saying “he/she can’t even boil an egg need no longer be true if you follow these simple instructions.

– Helen Mueller

“Recipes From the Heart”

Christ Lutheran Church Women

© 2001




  • concinnity •


Part of Speech: Noun


Meaning: Harmony, elegant congruity, skillful
fitting together, especially music, speech and
writing, though any other thing that may be put
together or arranged.

Notes: This word has a large family that is about to
vanish from the English vocabulary. The adjective
underlying this word is concinne: “harmonious, well-fitted together, elegantly arranged.” Concinnate is the verb derived, from which is the noun, concinnation.


Courtesy of

Emergency Medical Physician

– Transport/Van Driver/PRN/$11.25/
Libby Care Center

– Senior Technology Specialist Grade 12/$29.61/Lincoln County

– Surgery RN-PRN

– Materials Technician/PT

– Housekeeper/$9/Caboose Motel

– Store Clerk/Town Pump

– Receptionist/Secretary /$13-$17/Full-Time

– Billing/Bookkeeping/13-17/Full-Time

– Med/Surg RN

– Environmental Service Worker /Full-Time


ATTENTION:  Due to COVID, Job Service Libby now

requires all communications be handled by email or phone (406) 293-6282.

Stop by the Job Service office, 417 Mineral Ave, #4, and look for the Career  Exploration Assessment in the kiosk by the door. Fill out, return to Job Service, and a Career Coach will contact you.
Employers : Are you having a hard time filling

positions or training workers? Contact Job Service to learn about several programs that can assist you with the cost of hiring and training workers!

Job Seekers :  Have you been laid off? Do you have

a current job offer? Plans to enter a job training

program? Job Service Libby may be able to help you

reach your career goal.  Stop by our office and pick up a Career Exploration Assessment in the kiosk by the
office door. When completed, simply put it in the mail
slot and a Career Coach will contact you to discuss your plans.

*A full listing of all jobs now available in Lincoln County can be accessed by visiting Montana Works at 

Libby Dam/Kootenai River

Current Koocanusa Reservoir elevation:

2411.12 feet

Current Koocanusa Reservoir inflow: ~32.6 kcfs

Current Libby Dam outflow: 20 kcfs

Current Kootenai River elevation at

Bonners Ferry: 1756.41 feet


– Libby Dam outflows will begin decreasing
following the conclusion of the sturgeon pulse.

– Libby Dam outflows will decrease from 20 kcfs to 15 kcfs over two hours on Monday May 31st beginning at 00:00 MDT.

– Libby Dam outflows will decrease from 15 kcfs to 13 kcfs over two hours on Tuesday June 1st beginning at 00:00 MDT.

– Libby Dam outflows will decrease from 13 kcfs to 11 kcfs over two hours on Wednesday June 2nd beginning at 00:00 MDT.


Libby Dam outflows will begin decreasing
following the conclusion of the sturgeon pulse. Outflows are expected to reach a summer flow target in early to mid-June and continue refill of Koocanusa Reservoir.


The Koocanusa Reservoir water supply forecast for May was released on May 4. The April-August inflow volume forecast is 5,191 kaf (88% of average). This forecast determines that this is a Tier 2 year with a bull trout minimum flow of 7 kcfs between the end of the sturgeon pulse and August 31st.


Short term forecasts for Libby Dam elevations and inflow:


Short term forecasts for Libby Dam outflow:


Additionally, projected inflows and reservoir operations at Libby Dam through the fall can be found here:

Submitted by
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Seattle District

Considerations for your
2021-22 Preschooler

I want to highlight just one of the excellent
programs in Libby Public Schools. This time, let’s talk about the two Pre-K classes that share space with Head Start at Plummer School.

At a recent school board meeting, two
students from these classes were featured as Student of the Month, one from Ms. Kristi’s class and one from Ms. Beverly’s class. Both students were touted for their readiness for kindergarten as well as being kind and
thoughtful leaders to their peers.

Open to all 4-year olds, this program promotes academic concepts and social-emotional growth through what we adults would call play. Play for 4-year olds is called learning—learning concepts needed for reading and math, learning social skills, learning organizational skills, learning to be attentive, learning language—all needed for success in kindergarten and beyond.

If you are a parent, grandparent, neighbor, day care provider or just an informed by-stander of a 4-year old, you will want this child in the Libby Public School’s Pre-K program.
It is free. You do not need to meet a financial eligibility. To register, call Carol at 293-8811
or go to Central School Administration office
at 724 Louisiana Avenue.


Submitted by:
Ellen Johnston,

Former School Board Member

Libby, Mont.

Trailer Park Trepidation

Regarding the proposed trailer court by
Libby Elementary School on Education Way. The biggest question we all have is why is it less than two blocks from our youngest, littlest, and most vulnerable population?

And less than three blocks from our middle school and high school children? That’s just not right.

We agree trailer courts are necessary, but not there. And yes, there will be rules. But what happens when it sells?

Everything changes. Our property values will fall and many nearby homeowners are talking about installing fences, or higher fences and security cameras. That say a lot there.

Please, Libby residents and City Council, stand up for our kids and their needs.


Submitted by:

Sheila Vetter
Libby, Mont.