Simon’s Weekly Weather


Issued Sunday May 14, 2023 – 5:55 P.M.


Wednesday and Thursday,

May. 24 – 25th

Unsettled and warm with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s with lower 50s around 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 70s to mid 80s with mid 60s around 5000.


May. 26th

Dry and hot with record to near record high temperatures. Lows in the mid 40s to mid 50s except lower to mid 60s in thermal belts on slopes and hill sides with mid 50s round 5000 feet. Highs in the mid 80s to mid 90s with lower 70s around 5000 feet.


Saturday and Sunday,

May. 27th – 28th

Continued unseasonably warm with a slight chance of afternoon and evening and evening showers and thunderstorms over the mountains. Lows in the upper 40s to upper 50s except locally mid 60s in thermal belts on slopes with mid 50s


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May. 17—May. 23

May 17 –  National Bike to School Day


May 18 –National Museum Day


May 19–National Endangered Species Day

May 20 –

National Bee Day


May 21– National Waitstaff Day


May 22 – National Solitaire Day


May 23 – National Taffy Day


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Movie of the Week

Guardians of the Galaxy

Critics Consensus:

A galactic group hug that might squeeze a little too tight on the heartstrings, the final Guardians of the Galaxy is a loving last hurrah for the MCU’s most ragtag family.

Word of the  Week



Part of Speech:

Aggravate, worsen, make more severe. a back-formation from Latin exacerbatio(n), the action noun of exacerbare “to exasperate, provoke”, comprising ex- “(away) from, out of” + acerbus “harsh, bitter”.

Book of the Week

“How High We Go in the Dark”

By William Morrow


This debut novel-in-stories follows a cast of linked characters over hundreds of years as humanity struggles to rebuild itself in the aftermath of a climate plague and mass extinction.

This Week In History – May. 17– May. 23

May 17

1792: The New York Stock Exchange was formed.
1875: Aristides won the first Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky.

May 18

1652: Rhode Island outlawed slavery.
1910: The Earth passed through the tail of Halley’s Comet.

May 19

1743: French physicist, mathematician and astronomer Jean-Pierre Christin developed the centigrade temperature scale.

May 20

1609: Shakespeare’s sonnets were first published in London by the publisher Thomas Thorpe.

1873: Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis received a U.S. patent for blue jeans with copper rivets.

May 21

1863: The Seventh-day Adventist Church was organized in Battle Creek, Mich.
1881: The American Red Cross was established in Washington, D.C., by Clara Barton.

May 22

1849: Abraham Lincoln was issued a patent for an invention to lift boats over obstacles in a river, the only patent ever issued to a U.S. president.
1869: Montana’s first recorded earthquake occurred in Helena.

May 23

1934: Bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde (Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow) were gunned down in an ambush near Sailes, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

Sunrise & Sunset Times

May 17 6:00 a.m. 9:19 p.m.
May 18 5:59 a.m. 9:21 p.m.
May 19 5:58 a.m. 9:22 p.m.
May 20 5:57 a.m. 9:23 p.m.
May 21 5:56 a.m. 9:24 p.m.
May 22 5:55 a.m. 9:26 p.m.
May 23 5:53 a.m. 9:27 p.m.