Libby Logger Big Bucks Tournament – Loggers Finish 3-1 Finish Fifth 

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Williams would pitch five innings for the Loggers. Striking out 10 batters with no walks. He would also hit two batters. Williams gave up two hits and one un-eared run.

Logger batters would rap out 8 batter hits, cut down on their strikeouts with 5 and walk six  times. Zhang would finish 2-3 with a walk Zhang would also score two runs.

Game 3: Loggers office/Defense come together in 11–1 victory

Talking to Coach Morford before Saturday’s game, I wished the team well and then asked of the team will be playing later that evening. He said something about a shutout. Not fully comprehending the run thing”yet.  I thought “yeah I guess a shutout might be ok. But a win would be good enough. There’s only two directions you can go when you’re 1–1. ONE isn’t good. “ I get it now. How is this for offensive production, 11 runs, 10 hits, ……, One team strike out. And the rare cycle.

How’s this for  offense. “Meats” mound     work  flashing letter in center and one team error.

When everyone Contributes, good things happen. And the loggers final game of the tourney,  They detected the Latah (ID) Mountaineers 11-1 improving their tournament record to 2-1

And “Meat” Williamson wanna get the start for Libby. And his best performance of the season, Williamson would strikeout six batters while not allowing a walk.

He would allow for hits and one earned run.

The loggers we get on the scoreboard first. With Zhang on second base. Caden Williams single would send Zhang Home. And the loggers had a one – I will eat after one inning.

The second inning saw the Defensive play of the tournament. A n.* Laker leadoff blast was heading for the center-right field gap. Backing up and ….? To his left Centerfielder Zhang, laid out and made the catch.

The Loggers would add some more runs in their half of the second inning.

With two outs and Aiden Rose on third base. Zhangs double sent Rose home.

Caden Williams would Step up to the plate. His two run “tater”* to right would bring in two more runs.

After two complete innings The Loggers led 4-0. N. Lakers would score a run in their half of the third inning to close the gap4-1. The bottom of the fourth inning saw a Logger Power Surge.

A Caden Williams triple. (Let’s see, Williams 3-3 a single, home run and triple. Where’s this heading?)Fallowed by an error would bring Williams home.

With one out and Williamson on first base. Landon Haddock would step up to the plate. Haddock would unleash the Loggers second tater of the ballgame.

The score after four. Libby 7 N.Lakers 1. With the loggers holding a comfortable lead. They would look to end the game in their half of the fifth inning. Derrick Cole would walk.

Cole would advance to second, on a wild pitch. Zhang would single to right.

With Loggers on first and third. Caden Williams would step up to the plate possibly for the last time.

Williams double to the right field gap would bring in another run.

But hold on a minute. Here’s where this is heading. Williams double would enable him to complete one of the rarest hitting feats in baseball. Hitting for the cycle and it would take Williams only four and bats and five innings.

Williams would fallow with a two run double and Haddocks single would end the game. Final score Libby 11 N.Lakers 1

Caden Williams would also have four RBI’s and score 3 runs. Haddock would finish 2-2 at the plate. Driving in three runs and scoring two. It was a good day to be a Logger.

LOGGERS WAKE UP ON TIME cruise to 15-7 victory. Game 4

Perhaps it was overconfidence. After all the mountaineers Handily the previous day. Maybe the 8 AM starting time was just too darn early. After sleepwalking through North Lakers half of the first inning, the loggers heard the alarm clock.

And a rematch of Saturday’s game, the Libya loggers would again defeat the north Lake or mountaineers. Final score Libby 15 North Lakers 7.

Two N. Laker hits and four logger errors would allow the mountaineers to jump out to an early 5–0 lead.

The loggers would receive help from an unlikely ally in their half of the final inning, N.Laker pitching.

With one out and they’re half of the first inning, Caden Williams and Williamson would take consecutive beam balls.

With two outs, Williams What walk to load up the bases. Gillespie would take one for the team, his beam ball would bring in the loggers first run. With the base is still loaded.

A wild pitch would bring home another logger run. And Caleb Modelers Single would plate the third loggers run of the first inning.

At the end of one inning, the mountaineers lead 5–3. North Lakers would only score 2 more runs in the rest of the six inning affairs.

The Loggers What strike again in the second inning, and it would start with two outs. Zhang Would be out an Infield hit. Caden Williams would walk. Williamson’s double Would bring both runners home.

Haddock would beat out an infield hit, and Cy Williams would walk bases loaded again. A past ball Woodson Williamson home. The second inning would see the loggers take a 6–5 lead a lead they would not relinquish.

With two outs in the third inning, Rose would walk. Zhong’s single What place loggers on first and second. A wild pitch would move them to second and third base.

Caden Williams blowup single Would send both runners home. And the loggers held onto a 9–5 third inning lead.

Libby would add a run In the fifth inning. Caden Williams would walk.

Haddocks Double will put logger runners on Second and third base. A passed ball would bring Williams home. At the end of five innings, Libby would lead by the score of 10–6.

North Laker would score a run in there half of the sixth inning to close the gap to 10–0.

That was as close As North Lager would come. Logger bats would add five more runs in their half of the sixth.

James Redifer would walk. Noah Gillespie would receive a free pass. Zhang’s double would bring home a run.

With the bags loaded, Williamsons wall reaching double would clear the bases. Four batters later Modeler’s fielders choice would bring in a run from third.

With the eight run rule in effect, the contest was called. Final score Libby 15 North Laker 7.

Three logger pitchers with strikeout six batters well not allowing a walk. They would give up five hits while seven (mostly earned) runs would pass their way.

Three N. Laker Pictures didn’t make things any easier for their defense. 14 logger hitters would reach base unopposed. 10 by walks and four by flesh (HBP)

Williamson was 2–4 at the plate, he would double, score 2 runs, and end up with five RBI’s

The loggers would finish with nine hits as a team.

By Jim Dasios, The Montanian.