Troy City Council

The Troy City Council met on Tuesday, Dec. 17 at the old Annex Building at 303 North Third Street, due to the flooding problems that are occurring at the Public City courtroom. Present were Mayor Carr, counsel members TJ Boswell, Chuck Ekstedt, Crystal Denton, Shawna Kelsey, and Troy City Clerk Tracy Rebo. Guests included Chris and Marcy Stamian. The council got right down to business with a motion to approve all claims on the docket. Minutes from the special meeting of 11-12-20, work meeting on 11-12-20, and the regular meeting of 11-18-20, were all approved.

Discussion on the Selenium issue began with Mayor Carr explaining his latest actions. He received an email from Mark Peck recently concerning previous selenium meetings, and the group that wants to lower the acceptable levels to 0.6% to 0.9%, as the current acceptable level is at 1.5%. Apparently, Commissioner Peck spoke with Dave Hadden, and asked him why they could not meet somewhere in the middle. Mayor Carr feels more information is needed, and would like the TCC to review more information, and discuss what tests they would like to see and discuss this further. Motion was made to table for now, until more information is made available. The RPA Contract was discussed, and Mayor Carr explained that the project will be located behind the Troy Museum, and the motion was approved.

Next, the Electric Consultant and the contract that will help with the new employee training when they are hired was approved. The Stamian’s brought up discussion on RV Parks in the city. Mayor Carr received the funding for the building and

landscaping to apply to the Troy Museum. Kudos were given to all involved with the Christmas lights setup. Shawna Kelsey asked about repairs on the pump track, and Mayor Carr replied that it is first on the list. Clint Taylor, of the electric co-op reported that Troy Dispatch has been experiencing power issues, and that crews set two transformers in a subdivision. Crews have also been trimming and cutting trees, working on street lights, and installed power and a power pole near the flow building. Additionally, power crews have been working on Christmas light scenarios at the new tree, the walking path at the museum, crosswalks, City Hall, and had an important safety meeting. They helped out with the City Court Room flooding situation also.

Dave Norman’s Dept. of Public Works crews have been staying busy with the water leaks at the court room, replacing water meters, roofing and siding the sample site building, tree care on the folf course, and Museum restrooms. Also, cleaned the shop, installed a new toilet at the Annex Building, and worked on the electrical problem with the tool truck. Troy Police Department has been busy with CAD and RMS training, obtaining winter qualifications, and received a spot at the Academe in January for a new officer.  The Shop with a Cop Program is working a bit differently this year, as officers will be personal shoppers for the local kids. The program is open to donations, if local folks or anyone would like to help out. The department helped out with the Christmas tree lighting, which went very well. Vehicle maintenance is a priority this time of year and SUV’s need to be taken in for recall, and brake work. Troy Police Department wishes the community a Merry and Safe Christmas. Meeting adjourned at eight p.m.. Special Thanks to City Clerk Tracy Rebo, as the remote meeting experienced some audio difficulties, and Rebo was kind enough to share her notes with this reporter.


Winter Trap & Skeet League sign-up & Open House

The 2021 Winter Trap & Skeet League Open House and Sign-Up event is just two weeks away.  This years trap league will consist of 2 events, 16 yards and 21 yards, for a total of 50 regulation targets per week.  The Skeet league will consist of 2 events for a total of 50 regulation targets per week.  League competition for both events begins January 9, 2021 and ends March 6, 2021.  Skeet will begin at 11:00 am and Trap will begin at 12:00 pm each Saturday.  Each team/shooter will be allowed one (1) bye week.
Due to Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions currently still in place, lunches for this year’s league will not be provided.
Fees are $90 each for Trap and Skeet.  An additional fee of $35 to become a Scatterguns Member may also apply for those not already registered with the Libby Rod & Gun Club. (This fee is mandatory and helps to cover insurance and liability requirements)
For a full breakdown of this year’s Winter League description and guidelines, please contact Mike at mcirian@msn.com, Attn: 2021 Trap/Skeet League.

By Stacy Bender, The Montanian


community joins Wreaths Across America in honoring fallen
veterans; Continued from Page 1

As the program grew, the Millers became involved by dedicating wreaths in memory of their fathers, grandfathers and uncles each year.  Later, the couple found themselves volunteering to place wreaths in Missoula at two separate veteran’s cemeteries, coinciding with the program which had then grown to over 2,100 locations nationwide, at sea, and abroad.

This year, the Millers were honored when asked if they might help start the tradition locally.  They donated metal wreath rings and several bows they had on-hand and provided several boughs from a tree they had fallen on their Yaak property for the holidays.
Another resident, Shirin Lamp, offered the use of her wreathe making machine.  Pastor of the Yaak Valley Church and Boyd Hill Cemetery Board Member, Clayton Rockwell, then offered to do some research and identify where all U.S. Veterans graves were located.
“We understand we have Veterans Day in the fall and Memorial Day in the spring, but our service members sacrifice their time and safety every single day of the year to preserve our freedoms,” the Wreaths Across America website reads.  “There is no better time to express our appreciation than during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.”

Much like those distant and nearly forgotten graves upon which the wreaths were laid at Arlington in 1992 , twenty-six wreaths have now been lovingly placed at Boyd Hill Cemetery with hopes that in each year to come those close to the Yaak community might pause to reflect and learn more about the stories each Veteran’s life has to tell.

By Stacy Bender, The Montanian

Left to Right:  Marty Van Maanen, LeeAnn Sanders, Pam Rockwell, Joel Sanders, Randy Wilson, Sandy Beder-Miller and Larry Miller, Dori and Bob Goodwin, Pastor Clayton Rockwell, Mike Sanders.   Not pictured were: Mary Loney, Maribeth Moore, Kenlynn Riken, Sierra Lambert brought her 4 children. Photo by Stacy Bender, The Montanian.