Pop’s Vapor Shop re-opens in Libby, new location drawing more business

by Brian Baxter

Pop’s Vapor Shop is back. The new shop is located at the corner of Highway 2 and Montana Avenue, across from Burger Express in Libby. The new interior of the shop has a lot of room and the owner/manager Sandra Faye-Douthit has it stocked with up-to-date merchandise and the latest lines of vaping items.

When referring to the move, Douthit told The Montanian, “I will always be grateful for all the wonderful years at the Mineral Avenue location. However, relocating to Highway 2 has increased my sales and exposure. Every day is free advertising to all the customers that did not realize Pop’s was back or for the people just traveling through Libby unaware there was a vapor shop here.”

The shop has E-juice flavors back and many new items that were not available in the past. The interior has colorful and bright decor, and the parking lot is a convenient addition as well.

The office is separate but visible from the shop area and the merchandise is organized. “Reopening Pop’s was like coming home, I missed the customers and friends that I had come to know and care about,” said Douthit.

During discussion at the new shop, numerous customers were in and out. “So many people had started smoking again for various reasons, it has been a tough year for all of us and it is a good feeling to have the opportunity once again to fill a need,” said Douthit. “It has always been my hope to help customers to quit smoking. Every day I get to hear about how happy people are to be feeling better and saving money.”

Pops Vapor Shot is located at 906 Montana Avenue in Libby.  For more information, please call 334-5027 or visit www.popsvaporshop.com

Open, clean atmosphere at 906 Montana Avenue in Libby welcomes

patrons of Pop’s Vapor Shop to its new highway-side location in Libby.
Courtesy Photo of storefront counter

American Legion Post #97 of Libby implements new health and safety measures

by Moira Blazi

American Legion Post #97 in Libby recently closed its doors to the public for almost a month to implement several COVID-19 safety measures. After four employees and seven patrons tested positive for the virus, leadership at the Legion post took quick and decisive action – installing plexiglass shields at both bars, an automated hand-sanitizing station near the entrance, and bringing on extra staff now responsible for checking the temperature of incoming patrons and employees.
Following the news of positive COVID tests amidst those who both work for and frequent the Legion lounge, an immediate 10-day quarantine period  and communication with Legion management ensued. All who tested positive experienced very mild or no symptoms at all and have since fully recovered.
Management closed the lounge from January 8 to February 4 to disinfect the entire building – including the karaoke stage – and set up the hand-sanitizing and temperature stations.
“All tables, chairs, bar tops, poker machines and microphones will be disinfected after each use,” said Post #97 Adjutant, Joe Johnston. “Employees will ask patrons to do a ’20-second rub’ with the sanitizer and take temperatures with a handheld device held up to the forehead.”
Three new employees have been hired to cover all hours of operation, 12 p.m. (Noon) to 12 a.m.
(Midnight), seven days a week. “We now have 11 plexiglass sheets tastefully installed so personal service can continue and your beverage can be safely dispensed,” added Johnston.

All drinks are now being served from the bar in plastic cups and patrons are asked to dispose of their container after each use.

At this time all pool play has been suspended until further notice.

The Karaoke stage is again open from 8 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. every Thursday and Saturday.

To those who have been hoping to enjoy a frosty beverage but have remained concerned about COVID-19 safety, the Legion would like to assure all precautions have and will continue to be taken to ensure its patrons are as safe and comfortable as possible.
“Bottom’s Up!”

New Businesses seek approval from Libby/Troy City Council – Feb. 16 & 17


City Council Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 16
6:00 p.m.


Bee Buzzin Bean, LLC

609 Wisconsin Avenue

Internet Sales of Coffee



Clear Water Cleaning, Partnership
215 Frazey Loop



Reve Exteriors, LLC

DBA Dabella, LLC
Missoula, MT
Residential Remodeling

Sandi Sullivan Insurance, LLC, Troy, MT
Health Insurance Broker

The Blue Bear

110 W. 5th Street

Variety Store

City Council Meeting

Wednesday, Feb. 17

7:00 p.m.


Jackson Electric,

Electrical Contracting
512 Spokane Avenue

Owner, Andrew Jackson

Fuller Electrik,

Residential /Commercial Electrical Work
18 Stateline Drive
Owner, Alexander Fuller


Nathanael Kramer

Computer Repair

128 Longbow Lane

Owner, Nathanael Kramer