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Fundsies winners

Mark Managhan, Cory Vinion, Jason Howell, and Ron Soete (not pictured) comprised the winning team at the Cabinet Peaks Foundation’s  Playing for Fundsies event held at Cabinet View Golf Course on Saturday, July 13. Photo by Tracy McNew, The Montanian

Troy City Council summary

By Brian Baxter


Troy City Council convened on Wednesday, July 17, at 7 p.m. Present were Tracy Rebo, City Clerk / Treasurer, and council members Crystal Denton, T,J, Boswell (remotely),  Shawna Kelsey, and Chuck Ekstedt. The meeting began with our nation’s Pledge of Allegiance.

The first agenda item concerned a new business license for Breiland Excavating, LLC owned by  Travis Breiland. The council unanimously approved this request.

Next up was a Request for Variance to Code 4-4-7.5 – Nuisance Parking and Storage made by John McClure. The council discussed and considered  McClure’s situation, and found that since McClure and family would be staying in their Recreational Vehicle for less than 30 days while beginning home construction, their  situation was not in violation of the code but exempt under Sec. 4-4-7.5 c-ii.

The City Council discussed asphalt paving needs at Roosevelt Park near the pond and at bad spots in the area. After discussion of concerns and options, the council agreed to consult with the  Department of Public Works and Thompson Contracting on a plan.

Councilman Ekstedt asked that no parking signs be posted at the boat launch area in Roosevelt Park. He stated that there was an incident recently where someone left a vehicle parked all day that interfered with another citizen getting their boat out of the river and trailered. City Clerk Rebo suggested the council consult Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks on this issue.

Discussion then centered on obtaining and implementing an official Crosswalk Status at the intersection adjacent to the Railroad Pocket Park and the Chamber of Commerce site crossing Highway 2. Councilwoman  Kelsey brought this up again as there was an traffic incident recently that could have been serious. According to Kelsey, it all turned out okay, but the incident accented a need to investigate establishment of a cross walk at the location.

Next, Dave Norman’s Dept. of Public Works report included that the crew has been busy hauling wood chips for the new playground area, cleaning and pressure washing the covered picnic tables for an upcoming class reunion, working on the sprinklers at the boat ramp, and removing trees and brush near the Annex Building.

City Police will receive Firearms Training again this month, and a set of backup radios were ordered for the department at a significant discount.

Clint Taylor, Manager of Troy Power and Light reported that in the recent storm, five fuses went out and numerous branches were removed from lines. Crews also hooked up three phase and single phase transformers at the U.S. Forest Service Troy locations.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8 p.m.

PNT reroute efforts

According to the USFS’s PNT webpage, a federally mandated comprehensive plan is being developed for future administration and management of the trail and will, “establish the process to follow to evaluate and approve adjustment to the trail corridor,” but as of April 2019, work on the plan was inactive. It is  delayed, “while the Forest Service continues to get the PNT Advisory Council Charter renewed for a second term.”

The 2018 USFS’s fact sheet also states that, “Congress retained sole authority to approve significant relocations of the route they selected, and the Secretary of Agriculture has limited authority to approve minor relocations of the route.”

It is unclear at this time what will be required to accomplish the reroute, but through ongoing efforts, the idea is gaining momentum. Yaak Valley Forest Council and other stakeholders  have gained support for the southern re-route through outreach efforts including the EcoFlights and now have the backing of a number of stakeholders including local businesses, local and state elected officials, community groups, and more.  Opposition remains, and the PNTA has not endorced the reroute at this time but  support seems to be rising to new hights just as the EcoFlights.