14th Annual Lincoln County Libraries Poetry Contest winners announced

Submitted by
Lincoln Country Libraries




1st – “Lost Focus,” Rebecca Couture, Eureka
2nd – “Looking for Winter Snow,” Sharee Miller, Troy
3rd – “This Time,” Peter Leusch, Troy



1st – “I Hate This Feeling,” Rachel Hilden, Eureka
2nd – The Monsters, Emma Brannon, Trego
3rd – “Love Came Knocking on My Door, “
Anneke Kuchenbrod, Eureka



1st – The Beautiful Sky, Sophia Smith, Eureka
2nd – Old Faithful, Rachel Tullis, Eureka
3rd – old Faithful, Alexandria Meester, Eureka


Honorable Mentions


“Where We Are,” Rita Collins, Eureka
“Cold Dusk,” Peter Leusch, Troy


“This was a challenge!  There appears to be so many talented poets in our midst in here in Lincoln County.  Where have they all been hiding?

I enjoyed reading these very much, but I feel
humbled at the thought of choosing the three best in each category.

Poetry is such a subjective art.  What speaks to
one person, does not always translate well to another reader.  So, with the understanding that I am but one reader with my own subjective taste, I offer my choices for each category.

For the Junior category, I found that each poet
was striving to create a poem that let the reader to visualize the experience.  So each of these seemed to really inspire my ability to see what they were writing about. Well done Junior Poets!

The youth poems were different in that they were brimming with emotions and teenage angst.  In each poem, I could see a struggling young person searching for themselves and their authentic voice.  These are special years and hard years, my favorite to teach maybe because they were so difficult for me.

The adult category was by far the hardest.  There were so many excellent choices.

Thank you for entrusting this task with me.  I am honored!  Congratulations to the winners!  I hope all will continue to write and share their poetry!”


– DeAnna Shaw-Berget, 2021 Poetry Judge


Lost Focus – Rebecca Couture

(Adult Winner)


Holding on tight and losing grip, the world is spinning and it’s making me sick!

Faster and faster the fear and panic set in, people are fighting people and not the spirit within!

Time to jump off this ride and let some things go, I think that it’s time to just tuck and roll!

Forget about the worry, panic or shame! I think it’s time to play a different game!

One where I hold the upper hand, one of being prepared and having a plan.

One of letting go of distractions and facing each new day with the task that are laid before me and with a smile on my face.

Letting go of the fear of what is to come and trying to enjoy what’s left of my life and freedom!

Slowing down the pace and soaking up the sun, all while growing a family and beautiful gardens.

Teaching my boy about this crazy world, so when god calls me home he wont feel so lost and alone!!!

This is my focus from here on out now the only thing to do is keep the devil out.


”I felt this poet capture the since we all feel of being on a merry-go-round with both the structure of the poem and the word choice.  This made me think about when I was busy raising children.” -Deanna


The Beautiful Sky – Sophia Smith

(Junior Winner)


The beautiful sky looks like dye

When it goes over the mountains so high.

Oh, the beautiful sky.

So bright and light

but when it’s dark and really dim,

like a hats brim.

Oh, the beautiful sky looks like dye.

We’re awake when it’s light

and in our bed at night.

The stars fade away in the bright

and out of human sight!

They camouflage in the suns light,

The sun is really high in the sky,

Oh, the beautiful sky.

Oh, the beautiful sky

looks like dye.

I Hate This Feeling – Rachel Hilden

(Youth Winner)


I hate this feeling.
Like I’m sinking but I’m flying
Like I am falling and someone who will only ever let me fall is about to catch me
Like I’m winning the race but I’m running into a trap
Like everyone worth trusting is always lying
Like no matter how far I go I’ll always end up nowhere
Like no matter how high I fly I’ll never get past rock bottom
Like no matter how much love I have to give no one will ever love me back.
Like no matter how bright the sun shines darkness is always right around the corner
Like the negative will always outweigh the positive
There’s something else
Despite all this
There’s another feeling
I love this feeling
Like watching movies on a rainy day
Like seeing someone you love after a long time apart
Like wrapping your arms around a person you thought you’d never see again
Like finally getting into bed after a long day
Like finding out your brother still loves you when you thought he’d never forgive you
Like the happy ending in a movie
Like jumping in the cool water of a swimming pool on the hottest summer day
The feeling of hearing the words “I love you” back
And the feeling of finally
being caught when you fall
Instead of being blamed for tripping
These feelings
Are the ones that outweigh the bad
The ones that keep me going
The ones that make life worth living
the reason the air fills our lungs
and tears of joy leave our eyes


“I like how this poet showed a transformation in her feelings embracing both the dark and the light.”


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