USFS in search of ideas for non-lethal


As human populations expand, interactions with wildlife become more common – but we all need our space.  Submit your ideas for non-lethal management of human-wildlife conflicts via the Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize Competition: ow.ly/phQw50IlZ19

We’ll award up to $600K via the Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize Competitions across 6 categories, including up to $100K for “non-lethal management of human-wildlife conflicts”: http://ow.ly/lpW750IrQ3L

Your idea could help keep wildlife and people safer for generations to come.

Photo: Kodiak bear and cub by Lisa Hupp/USFWS

Welcome to The World

Jay Garver Jameson

Jay Garver Jameson was born to Joseph and Morgan Jameson on March 14, 2022 at their home . He weighed 8 pounds ,11 ounces and  was 21 inches  long at time of birth. His grandparents are David and Jewell Jameson and Karen and Greg Williams.

Delivered by  Joyce Vogel, Licensed Midwife

Justin Michael Schlabach

Justin Michael Schlabach was born to David and Mary Schlabach from the West Kootenai,  on  March 8, 2022 at Family Birth Services Birthing Suite.  He weighed 8 pounds,  6 ounces and was 21 inches long.  He joined his 2 older sisters Lori and Krista. Delivered by Joyce Vogel,  Licensed Midwife