Growth Policy Update Focus Group

Submitted by

Joel Nelson

Libby’s 2010 Growth Policy, a guiding policy document for land use and community development, is being updated and the city of Libby is asking the public to help shape the cities goals and action plan that will address our key issues.

The City of Libby and Planning Board are asking for your input on how to address the key issues

facing our community.

To facilitate public participation, the city will host focus group meetings with open houses and work sessions with community discussions. Each meeting will consist of a one-hour work session, fallowed by a 30 minute wrap-up. Your feedback will help the City Planning Board refine the goals and actions of the growth policy and help shape growth policy update.

Key issues to date include, housing, jobs and employment, economic development, and climate change.

Growth policy update focus group meetings are scheduled at City Hall Ponderosa Room, 952 E. Spruce in Libby. Tuesday, June 14, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. And Wednesday, June 15, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

All meeting information will be available on the project website www.imaginelibbymt.com

Libby planning area –Photo courtesy of Joel Nelson

Libby Local Lands Acting

Part on Popular Show, Yellow Stone

If your not watching Yellow Stone, now would be a good time to start, as Libby’s own Donna Atkins Nicely gets to be an extra in a few episodes of  Season five of Yellow Stone.

The part she plays cant be disclosed until the air date on Sunday, November 13 so stay tuned for more.

“A big shout out to Jason Schikora for taking my pics and helping make it happen” says Donna.

Photo courtesy of Donna Atkins Nicely , taken by Jason Schikora.

Libby Care Centers Fun way to



Libby Care Center
of Cascadia

Our activities department is always coming up with something creative and fun for our residents. May 12 was “Medieval Day” and we had a horse in our courtyard.


Residents interacting with  the horse. Photo courtesy of Libby Care Center of Cascadia