Libby Memorial Events Center Presents “The Show”

Libby Memorial Events Center Presents “The Show” November 19 at 7:00 p.m.  Come enjoy the largest attended show in Libby!




OUR GUEST PERFORMER: Dr. William Cuskelly (Bill) s a Family Practice physician currently practicing on the Navajo Reservation in the Four Corners area. He lives in the SW corner of Colorado where he enjoys the abundant sunshine, exploring the region that abounds with archeological sites, attempts not to die in an avalanche while backcountry skiing in the winter, and tends to his worm composting during the milder months

As a self-taught musician, he plays a variety of instruments (mostly stringed, although hang drum is sneaking its way in), and has been known to dabble in a wide variety of genres. He continues to seek out musicians wherever they may be and marvels at the unbelievable talent that exists everywhere. However, he misses very much his musical compatriots in NW Montana and looks forward to returning to Libby where he practiced medicine for nearly a quarter of a century and was known to play a tune or two.

NOTES FROM THE DIRECTOR, TONY SMITH: We are indeed thrilled to have Dr. Cuskelly back in Libby, as he was a beloved member of our medical and musical community for many years, and has been greatly missed. Additionally, THE SHOW features one of the country’s finest blues guitarists in having Frank Chiaverini performing with us—Frank has not been available for some years, and our Libby-Troy audience is in for a real treat this evening. Supporting Frank and others will be bassists Ben Palmer and Jim Scott, the finest bass players I’ve ever worked with. Additionally, Nita Smith, a 9-time performer of vocal music in Carnegie Hall under the direction of  Robert Shaw and Andre Previn, both world-renown choir directors,  will be joining her sister and brother, Sharon and Tony, for piano accompaniments. Tonight will be the 8th decade (and most likely the last) that the Smiths have performed in public together. Also, we have wonderful new voices, Olivia Hewston, and Brooke William who have joined and enhanced our “Going to the Sun Voices” group. And what would a performance be without Lorraine Braun and her children, along with the Libby High School choir? We are incredibly blessed to have them join us for this evening’s performance. Olivia, with purity of voice, and the violin artistry of Renee Rose, will take us into Broadway, while vocalist-sax player, Pete Leusch, along with Frank and Ben will take us back in time with “Black Magic Woman.” And once again, I am so fortunate in having country-blues singer Julie Meyer as my vocal partner, a tradition reaching back now some 25-30 years. Without Julie, my musical career would have potentially been at a stand-still for these many years.

Of the many shows I’ve been fortunate enough to direct, tonight’s will, in my view, have the widest array of talent ever displayed by the communities of Libby and Troy. I am so grateful for the contributions and commitments of those willing to give of their valuable time in order to participate.

And finally, I lack sufficient words to thank the Memorial Center Board of Trustees for allowing this show to come to fruition, and to the many unnamed contributors behind the scenes, without which this show would not have been possible. Thank you to all so very much.

“If it sounds good, it’s successful!” – Duke Ellington


Courtesy of Tony Smith

Rotary Club of Kootenai Valley
Libby-Troy Inducts New Member

Pictured Left is Bruce Weatherby President of the Rotary Club of Kootenai Valley Libby and Troy.  Right is Breeanna Runyan the newest member of our local Rotary. Photo by Zach McNew.