Troy High Schools Annual Art Show Brings Talent to Troy Community

Submitted by Ben Palmer

Guests, artists, art fans, and family came together to celebrate the artistic accomplishments of Troy High School’s art students. 68 high school art students, including three “Seniors of special note” showed off the fruits of their imaginations. Zeeanah Reid, Dustin Mendive, and Monika McKnight have all achieved this title- to be a “Senior of special note”, students must complete three high school art classes and display their art as a senior. While examples of pottery, painting, and drawing predominated,  displays included artisan craft examples from metal and wood shop classes. Students were able to sell their work, or auction their art during the event.

Bella O’day has been developing art skills since before the fifth grade, and supports the THS Art Club a Sophomore. Her favorite medium? “It’s hard to say what my favorite way to make art is, but I love painting. Acrylics or oils.” Why art? “People give a lot of reasons why they like art, or make it, but for me- it’s a way to take your ideas from your head, and bring them into reality.”

While the next all-high-school art event is not until next May, the THS Art Club will be at Troy’s Christmas Craft fair this December. For more information about THS art classes, or how to support the Art Club, please contact Jeanie Palmer at Troy High School: (406) 295-4520.

Senior Zeaanah Reid’s eye-catching clay

display filled with unique pieces

Student Morgan Snow explains the throwing and glazing process she used to create her vibrant clay pieces

The hallways were filled with student art projects made from different mediums and concepts

St. John Lutheran Church Road Clean-up

Submitted by Alan Lewis Gerstenecker

Members of St. John Lutheran Church completed their semi-annual Highway Clean-up of their adopted two-mile stretch of Farm to Market Road, just outside of Libby. St. John Lutheran Church cleans their adopted stretch of highway, which is registered with the state, twice a year — once in the spring and again in the fall.

Members participating in the clean-up Saturday include, from left, George Steffenson, George Jamison, MaryLou Goodpaster, Julie Foote, Nancy Rooney, Mike Rooney, Tim Grotjohn, Dan Howard (kneeling) and Butch Foote.

Fisher River Community Road Clean-up

The Happy’s Inn and Fisher River Community came together to clean trash along the highway. Photo Courtesy Fisher River Valley Fire and Rescue