Libby Parks District Seeks Feedback Through Community Survey 

Submitted By Montana Access Project

Libby Parks District is seeking public input as part of their Outdoor Recreation Action Planning for the Libby area. This plan will guide the current and future activities in the Libby Parks District Area to improve and maintain Libby’s access to superlative parks, trails, mountains, and rivers for all. The Libby Parks District covers the area of the Libby School District. A community survey is now available online and at various locations around the Libby area.

“It is important to get perspectives, values, concerns and other input from all of those who enjoy outdoor recreation in Libby,” explained Tony Petrusha, Libby Parks District Coordinator.  “We know outdoor recreation access is important to our community, and we also know that there is a wide range of partners who provide that access.  Together, we’ve all made progress in improving recreation access, but think we can do a better job of coordinating to address increasing use by increasing opportunity.  We need to be strategic about where we grow and how we take care of what we have.”

The public can access the survey at following link: https://form.jotform.com/231566472124151 

The survey is also available online via the Libby Parks District Project website https://mtaccessproject.com/libby-parks-district/

or as a downloadable PDF. Print versions of the survey will be available at various locations around Libby at the Lincoln County Library, City of Libby City Hall, and the Lincoln County office and upon request. Community members are encouraged to share the survey link or send printed surveys and mail them to Libby Park District, 1204 Main Street, Libby MT 59923. The survey will be open until August 18th.

Upon compiling the results of the survey, the Parks District will draft a plan and build partnerships that will build organizational capacity, increase funding competitiveness, and provide direction for partners in improving outdoor recreation opportunities. It is anticipated that the plan will be completed by the end of summer.

Members of Libby Parks District include: Jim Germany, Mark Peck, Ben Scott, Gary Fjelstad and Marc McCully.

Key partners include: Lincoln County, Lincoln County Port Authority, City of Libby, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, U.S. Forest Service, Kootenai Nordic Ski Club.

For more information, please visit https://mtaccessproject.com/libby-parks-district/ or email tpetrusha@yahoo.com to be added to the mailing list.

Barbie at The Dome Theatre

By Brooklynn Reid

On Friday, July 28 at 7p.m. The Barbie movie was showing at The Dome Theatre in Libby. The Barbie movie was very popular with hundreds attending. Barbie focused on the influential perspectives that the doll Barbie had on women throughout decades.
Local community members dressed up, and there was loads of pink everywhere!

A life-size toy box sat outside the theatre for pictures, made by Cody Taylor of Libby. Barbie Land was depicted as a perfect world where everything worked for Barbie. Ken and Barbie were having the times of their life in barbie land, until they got a chance to experience what the real human world is like. The real world was a shock to Barbie as it was the opposite of Barbie Land, Ken on the other hand fit right into the real world. Through out the show, Barbie and Ken learned how to support each other and make a Barbie Land for both.

“I think that the barbie movie was made to show the women’s point of view of our everyday lives and that it represented some facts truly, but it also had parts where it could be confused as women not appreciating men. Both sides could have been explained more clearly.” said Ellie Borgmann. One quote that stuck with me in the movie was “it’s literally impossible to be a woman, I feel like it’s impossible because you can never be perfect, no matter how hard you try, there’s always going to be something wrong.” said Brooklynn Reid.

This is a movie that will air across the world, brining a new perspective to Barbie.

Discounted Fair Carnival Tickets Now

Submitted by Sam Nunnally, Fairgrounds Manager

A limited number of discounted “Pay-One-Price” tickets for the carnival at the 2023 Northwest Montana Fair & Rodeo are on sale now at all Whitefish Credit Union branches, the fairgrounds office and the CHS store in Kalispell.

Purchased in advance, the tickets cost $30 each and can be exchanged at carnival ticket booths for a wristband that allows one person unlimited rides on most attractions for one day. The tickets can be used any one day of the carnival from Aug. 16-20 and are the lowest priced way to experience the rides. Fairgoers can purchase the tickets until 5 p.m. on Aug. 15 or while supplies last. Wristbands will also be available at all carnival ticket booths during the fair for $35 each.

Admission onto the fairgrounds is a separate fee at the gate and costs $8 for adults and teens, $5 for seniors ages 65 and over, and $5 for children ages six to 12. Children ages five and under are admitted free of charge.

Fairgoers can save money by purchasing admission tickets until Aug. 18 or while supplies last at any Whitefish Credit Union branch in Kalispell, Columbia Falls or Whitefish during normal banking hours. Advance admission tickets are $5 per person, regardless of age.

Thursday, Aug. 17 is Senior/Kids Day at the fair. Seniors ages 65 and over and children ages 12 and under are admitted onto the fairgrounds free of charge that day.

For more information about the carnival and other events planned for this year’s Northwest Montana Fair & Rodeo, visit www.nwmtfair.com.